Final Thoughts from The Walking Dead Episode "Twice as Far"

by StevenHelmer

Thoughts from the season 6 television episode that first aired March 20, 2016.

Synopsis: Denise (Merritt Wever) convinces Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) to take her along on a supply run and quickly discovers she's not as ready as she thinks she is. Meanwhile, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) have a falling out while on their own run.

Daryl Really Should Have Stayed Off the Train Tracks

He obviously learned his lesson after the incident at Terminus, at least judging by his initial reluctance to follow the tracks. It's just too bad he didn't stick by his guns on the way back, otherwise, Denise might still be alive.

Of course, we probably should have seen this coming considering the episode, up until that point, had been relatively tame. Something was bound to happen.

At Least Daryl is Whole Again

I'm not sure Daryl has really been the same person without his silent crossbow/noisy motorcycle. In fact, other than when he was using the rocket launcher, I don't think he looked comfortable with other weapons at all.

So, I guess it's a good thing for him that, over the course of the past three episodes, he regained both his weapon and his bike. Maybe now he won't make stupid decisions, such as traveling on a train track when he knows it's a bad idea.

I Think Alexandria is Dying

Their supplies are running low, they are, once again, without a doctor and the toughest one of them all, Carol (Melissa McBride) is having a major identity crisis and has flown the coop. This is not the type of thing that bodes well for that community and I fully suspect we'll see it finally fall either at the end of this season or early next season.

The One I Feel Most Sorry For In All of This is Tara

Tara (Alanna Masterson) really wanted Denise to go with her when she left on the supply run and I suspect it was because she was paranoid something bad was going to happen to Denise while she was gone. Sadly, that did happen and I can only imagine what kind of reaction she is going to have when she learns Denise is dead and why.

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Eugene Actually Had a Great Idea. But...

Is there any reason why he couldn't make ammunition inside Alexandria's walls? Sure, he needs the equipment. But, it just seems like it would make more sense to load up everything in that workshop and haul it back to Alexandria than it does to make the ammunition off site. Even if he got that place up and running, it would be with the constant threat of attack in a less-than-secure location.

Final Opinion

I wasn't overly crazy about this episode at first, because it looked like yet another episode where nothing important happened. But, that fire fight at the end did help redeem it a bit. It'll be interesting to see if the community survives after the latest death and Carol's defection.

My Grade: B

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StevenHelmer on 03/22/2016

I actually don't fault Carol for leaving because her reasons were sound. She believed, if she couldn't kill for her friends, then she was just another mouth to feed. The decision to go after her doesn't make a whole lot of sense though. Not only is Rick risking many lives for one, he's trying to force someone to return to Alexandria who doesn't want to be there. How is that any different than what the Governor did?

dustytoes on 03/22/2016

Carol taking off makes no sense. If she's tired of killing, she will have to do a lot of it by herself now if she wants to survive. But I suspect something had to draw the group out - to look for her - so they could end up in trouble again.
Denise's actions were so dumb. Yes, she wanted to prove herself, but the fact that she went looking for trouble - searching past the door in the pharmacy, and going after that little cooler in the zombie's car - was so far-fetched. I had been thinking she was a smart woman, being the town doc, but this episode made me feel like she wasn't so swift. But it did cause the funniest line in the show: "I threw up on my glasses"!!
After 45 minutes of boring chit chat, finally some action. And Daryl got his crossbow back - a reason to cheer.

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