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grandma, dog lover, vintage jewelry collector, eBay and Amazon seller, online writer, doll collector and playscale dollhouse remodeler, veggie gardener, CPA, and whatever else.

Most everywhere online you will find me as fitzcharming. My last name is Fitzgerald and I’m a vintage charm bracelet collector (and seller). I combined the two and the name sounded catchy so it stuck. I chose a green zen frog with a crown as an avatar and logo because fitzcharming kind of sounded like prince charming. There are a few websites that I chose charmcrazey as my ID. That’s my official business name so early on I used it when I appeared online. They are both me – Wanda Fitzgerald.


Where To Start?

I Have A Hard Time Writing About Myself

I have so many interests that it seems like I'm bouncing around all the time.  Sometimes I annoy myself and wish I could just stabilize. But since that's not likely to happen I try to focus on a few things at once.  I'll try to compartmentalize for purposes of you getting to know me on Wizzley.

Me With My Dogs Payton and Ozzy

Fitzcharming With Ozzy and Payton

My Life Story....

Not Really Just The Basics

I'm the wife of a USPS letter carrier, mother of 4 grown kids, and a grandmother of 2 boys.  Being a grandma is the most fun in the world.  I spend lots of time with my grandkids and they keep me laughing. My own children have all flown the coop and it's really nice being an empty nester.  At one time I thought nothing could possibly be more wonderful than having my own children around but nowadays I like the peace and quiet that comes with being a certain age. 

Fitzcharming In Her Former Life

I am a tax accountant and a registered CPA in the state of Florida.  I don't practice anymore however.  I worked as a bookkeeper at a small firm while getting my college degrees.  Then I was a tax accountant in public accounting for one of the Big Four for 12 years, followed by a few years in the income tax department at a Fortune 500 company.  It's a great way to earn a living but it's exhausting.  So I made the decision to jump out of the corporate hamster wheel and work for myself.

I earn my living these days selling vintage jewelry on eBay, and toys and used books on Amazon.  I also maintain a few blogs and write on Wizzley and Squidoo to share my knowledge and experiences and earn affiliate income. More about the blogs later.  It's a big change from working in a profession for so many years - both in lifestyle and financially.  But it's pretty much zero stress and my time is my own.  I always used to hear people say that if you find a job you love to do it doesn't seem like work.  I thought "yearight they can't fool me, it's still work".  But you know what?  It's true.  Really!  I can honestly say for the first time in my life I LOVE my job. 

How I Got Started Earning Money Online

Vintage heart charm braceletBack in the stone age I began collecting vintage charms and bracelets.  After a while I needed to downsize my collection so I took a few pictures, slapped them up on eBay, and the rest is history. That was about 10 years ago. Below are a few of the charms I have listed on eBay right now.  If you click the description you can view the other items I have for sale.  My eBay store is called Charmcrazey and my user name is Fitzcharming.  I've expanded my collection into other types of vintage jewelry so I have some represented in my store also.  If you want to read the story of how I started my business in more detail I've included a link below.  

My eBay Store - Charmcrazey

Charmcrazey on eBay

Here Is A Snippet Of What I Sell on eBay

I Also Write a Blog About Vintage Charm Bracelets and Other Vintage Jewelry

My collection of vintage sterling advertising matchbook charms is growing more colorful. I'm always on the lookout for more.
Question for my readers - Do any of you collect vintage Monet charms? If so what kind? Do you collect a particular theme, a metal color, etc. Are you happy with them,...
When I have broken or damaged jewelry, and that's pretty often being in the vintage jewelry business, I've got a few choices for dealing with the pieces. Years of exp...
I sorted through my Thomas L Mott enamel travel souvenir charms and have a few duplicates so I'm offering them in my Charmcrazey shop. They are all vintage and made o...

My Other Interests Besides Vintage Jewelry

Fitzcharming Gardenfrog


I am a novice vegetable gardener.  I live in Florida where I can grow food year round so I'm trying out different vegetables and herbs.  Since I've been working from home I have much more time for nurturing and caring for my little plants.  I still don't quite have the green thumb that my mom or my father in law have but I'm working on it.  I've written a few Squidoo Pages on gardening you may like (links to follow).....

How To Grow Blueberry Plants In Florida
Blueberries are my favorite fruit. I love the tiny super sweet berries grown in Maine but I have to buy those at the store. I can grow a few types of blueberries where I live in Florida though thanks to some really smart agricultural folks.

Easy Orchid Growing Tips
I like to grow orchids too. They are very easy to grow in Florida and I have them all over my yard.

Florida Native Plant Gardening
For my home landscape I try to stick with native plants whenever possible. Easy to grow, fewer pests, they survive without any extra watering.... lots of reasons to plant native.

Recently I've Started Playing With Dolls Again

My Collection Is Mainly Fashion Dolls and I LOVE Blythe

I bought a big old dollhouse that I'm remodeling for my dolls.  Here is the "before" picture of the inside. I'm blogging about my progress along the way at Diary of a Dollhouse

Diary of a Dollhouse


The house is intended as the residence for my Kenner Blythe doll but it turns out she's going to have a few roommates.  So far my collection includes Kenner Blythe, Emerald the Enchanting Witch, a few Monster High dolls, Peteena the Poodle in a Bikini, some Spinmaster Liv dolls, Moxie Teenz, and Oz the Great and Powerful Dolls.  They are all generally fashion sized dolls, meaning they are about the size of Barbies.  Emerald and the Moxie Teenz are odd sized though.  

Kenner Blythe




Another term for fashion size is playscale.  Playscale dollhouses are 1:6 scale which means 1 inch = 2 feet.  This is about twice the size of miniature dollhouses which are 1:12 scale or 1 inch = 1 foot.  My dollhouse is a little over 5 feet tall.I plan to introduce all of my dolls in my blog as I complete their rooms.  I expect the list will grow as I make my way through the remodel - and as funds become available.

More Blogging About My Hobbies and Interests

Dolls and Toys

Monster High School
Keeping up with monster madness - I love Monster High Dolls and the stories that go along with them. Thank you Mattel, this is much more fun that Barbie.

Trying Out Toys
Mainly because my grandsons come to my house a few days during the week while their parents work and we play. Some of my doll collections are showcased here too.

Updated: 10/07/2014, fitzcharming
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fitzcharming on 03/12/2014

Welcome to Wizzley, Telesto. Nice to meet you too.

Telesto on 03/11/2014

Hello Wanda, i'm having a look around to see what I can write for my Wizzography. What a lovely page! Thank you, and good to meet you.

fitzcharming on 11/01/2013

Thanks poutine and nice to meet you. Wishing you lots of success on Wizzley.

fitzcharming on 10/06/2013

Hi Jill, That's wonderful. I will add it to my Christmas Pin page. Thanks for reading

Jill Gallina on 10/06/2013

Hi Wanda
I am the author of Christmas Pins Past & Present and found your site on an internet search. I wanted to let you know that the all new third edition of my Christmas Pin Book in now for sale on Amazon if you are interested. It's great to find other collectors!!
Jill Gallina

fitzcharming on 06/02/2013

Very true katiem2, I love being an entrepreneur.

katiem2 on 06/02/2013

We online entrepreneurs will always be working, a labor of love that will no doubt extend the quality of our lives.

fitzcharming on 06/02/2013

Retired is good! Very pleased to meet you.

fitzcharming on 05/23/2013

I know what you mean katiem2 - My dogs are loving me working from home these days. I hate for them to get up to follow me just to get a drink of water, but they tag along everywhere.

katiem2 on 05/23/2013

Yes me too, dogs are a woman's best friend as are cats... I love animals.

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