Folkmanis Puppets

by jptanabe

The Folkmanis puppet company is special - they just make the best puppets ever!

Folkmanis make all kinds of puppets: hand puppets, cute finger puppets, stage puppets, character puppets and the educational Webwilds puppets. These puppets are so well made and authentic in their details.

They are not only cute and cuddly, they foster the imagination, inviting creative play that supports language and motor skill development as well as cooperation. What more could you ask for than a toy that is fun, lovable, and educational!

About Folkmanis and their Puppets

The Folkmanis company was founded in 1976, when Judy Folkmanis' husband agreed to join her in creating puppets for children. Believing that imaginative play is essential to healthy child development, they created a wide range of puppets that are both authentic in their details and fun to play with. Their puppets are fun, educational, and lovable all at the same time!

From the early years when they began until today they have maintained the highest quality of workmanship in their puppets. They consistently win awards for their designs and are constantly developing new ones.

Folkmanis Puppets on YouTube

Folkmanis Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are so much fun! They're cute and really encourage imaginative play in youngsters.

The Folkmanis puppet company makes finger puppets that are so realistic, as well as cute, they can even count as educational! They're so adorable I just want them all.

Folkmanis Hand Puppets

If you love hand puppets these are the ones to get. They are beautifully crafted, and, in addition to all the good stuff about being educational, they are so cute and cuddly they become childhood treasures.

Folkmanis makes animal hand puppets of all kinds, both the exotic and the more common or garden variety. They are adorable and durable - what more can you ask for! They have a great selection of all kinds of animals, including mythical ones like my favorite, the dragon.

There are so many I just can't choose! But here a a few favorites - the groundhog trying to be scary, the wise and beautiful snowy owl, and an irresistibly cute hedgehog!

Dragon Puppets

I just had to include at least one dragon! 

Folkmanis makes several dragon puppets. There is a gorgeous red Chinese dragon that shimmers with gold. That one is really special.

Then there's a three-headed dragon - quite fearsome! And a green Wyvern that's quite impressive.

And let's not forget a cute baby dragon, he's kind of chubby and not very dangerous looking at all!

But here's my favorite: the Sky Dragon. I think he looks like a real dragon!

Folkmanis Character Puppets

This collection of character puppets by Folkmanis includes a variety of humans as well as humanoid fantasy creatures from the mythical realms. Use them to bring the best fairy tales to life, or let the children make up their own versions.

There is a lovely collection of princes and princesses, pirates and the like, as well as some more unusual choices. 

I have to admit this Enchanted Tree fascinates me. That would make a lot of interesting shows - maybe he can change the prince into the frog!

And then there's Mozart who seems to be stuck in a piano, but still playing music!

Folkmanis Stage Puppets

Who doesn't remember putting on a puppet show in their childhood? My family must have watched hours of puppet shows, some better than others. 

Folkmanis has a great selection of stage puppets, including an ostrich, a giraffe, a donkey, a zebra, a sheep, a raccoon, an elephant and of course a lion. 

I don't remember having a lion in my stage puppet collection, but if I had I would have wanted this one. Isn't he gorgeous - so regal and dangerous and yet he's a soft plush puppet that you can cuddle!

More about Folkmanis

Folkmanis Puppets - Folkmanis website with information about the company and all their puppets

Updated: 11/22/2023, jptanabe
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ologsinquito on 01/29/2015

These are really cute.

jptanabe on 01/28/2015

What a lovely 70 years old gift the snowy owl, just perfect!

kajohu on 01/27/2015

I've always loved Folkmanis puppets! Both of my boys (now grown) have had puppets of their own, and when my mother turned 70, I gave her the snowy owl hand puppet (since she's been an avid birder). The puppets are well-made and very visually appealing, and they do foster imaginative play, as you said in your article.

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