Football Tailgate and Home Parties

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People often show support for a favorite football team with parties. Football parties can be home gatherings and tailgating. Find the items to make your football party successful.

Football Tailgate and Home Parties

During the football season people often have parties before a game, or during a game. Some people gather before a football game and tailgate, usually in a location where other fans of the same team are gathered and having their own tailgate party. Others have parties in their homes and invite people to watch the game with them if the game is on television. Often those who tailgate also have home parties when their team is playing in another city.

During the playoffs the parties continue, even among people who would not otherwise have them. One year when I was Cubmaster of a Cub Scout Pack I accidentally scheduled a spaghetti dinner on a playoff week. I thought it would do poorly after I discovered the problem. Instead it did great with take outs. People were buying large quantities for their football gatherings.

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Professional and College Teams

People support both college and professional teams fanatically.  So, parties are likely for college football games and for professional football games.  In fact, many people support college teams even though they have not attended the college, it is often a matter of pride in a state.  And, the greater the rivalry between teams, the more likely people will be interested in the game, which leads to even more parties than normal.

What Do You Need?

Make Your Party a Success

For any football party there should be food and drinks.  These are the key elements.  And, either tickets to the game for tailgating or a television set that will carry the game for a home party.  So, what will you put the food and drinks in?  Perhaps a football bowl would be nice for chips or trail mix.  And a football shaped inflatable cooler will be ideal for chilling the drinks.  A buffet inflatable cooler will keep food items cold that should be cold.  This should be a start with the snack food and beverages.  


The plastic bowl shaped like a football is inexpensive enough that you might want several of them.

Food from the Grill

The choice of more substantial food is usually hot dogs and hamburgers.  These are items for the grill.  Make grilling easier with special grilling baskets, one designed for hamburgers and one designed for hot dogs.  And, if these baskets are non-stick baskets the cleanup will be much easier.   

Party Supplies for Your Team

The essential party supplies include paper plates, napkins, and paper cups.  These can be found for professional teams in the National Football League, and for many large colleges.  They have the team name or the team mascot or logo, or in many cases both.  The easiest way of getting the necessary paper items for serving is in a pack that contains several of each of the needed supplies.


The set shown is for the New Orleans Saints, but sets for other NFL teams are available.  The set contains sixteen dinner plates, sixteen napkins, twenty cups, sixteen sets of color matched cutlery, and one tablecover.   If you need more because the group is large, buy more packs.  If the group is large you probably need to cover more than one table, so the extra tablecovers will even get used.


Party Decorations

Parties are festive occasions, so decorate in a festive manner.  Shown is a banner decoration for the Dallas Cowboy.  Look for a banner decoration supporting your favorite team.

Team Balloons

A team balloon can certainly contribute to the atmosphere and put everyone into the cheering mood.  Shown is a three pack of New England Patriots balloons.  Of course you can opt for a smaller pack with just one balloon.  And, balloons are available for all NFL teams.

Folding Chairs

For a tailgate party you probably want a folding chair.  Would a team spirit folding chair make a statement of your loyalty and support?  It certainly would.  Shown is a Green Bay Packers folding chair capable of holding one cup or bottle.  Look for the folding chair with your favorite team colors and design.

Stadium Blanket

Wrap in a stadium blanket for the tailgate party, then use it in the stadium for the game.  shown is a Chicago Bears stadium blanket.

Team Colors Tent

Don’t let a little rain or too much sun ruin your tailgate party.  Set up an open tent and stand or sit under it for the party.  Shown below is a Baltimore Ravens tent, but you might look for one with your team’s colors and name proudly shown.


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