Footed Pajamas for Adults

by Tehreem

Footed pajamas are perfect sleepwear for all seasons. We have organized a collection of best footed pajamas for adults.

Footed pajamas are a great way to lay back and relax at the end of a long and tiring day- however the ones we’ve got for you come in a variety of colors , designs and patterns- be it a of bright blue ones with swirly designs and adorable little fluffy ducks that will also come in a pair in your boyfriend’s size, or a pretty pink pair. So take your pick and decide which pair of footed pajamas you’ll be shrugging into at the end of a long and exhausting day! Will it be a pair of rough looking and yet very manly brown pajamas that comes in a bear design or will it be the Star Wars footed pajamas that are a must for every fan of the Star Wars trilogy?

Women's Fleece Hooded Footed One Piece Onsie Pajamas

The first great pair of adult pajamas that we’ve got for you, would be the Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Hooded Pajamas- they’re snuggly, warm and come in a variety of colors which range from black, blue, pink and with an elastic back for a gathered waistline, these pajamas feel not just comfy, but smart and can be worn during the day or night, as workout clothes or even as a makeshift sleeping suit!

Purple Duck Hoodie Footed Pajamas

This pajama set comes in a vibrant shade of purple-pink with an amazing duck design and are not simply comfy and cuddly to wear before bedtime, but they also feel and look both girly and smart!

Blue Ducks Hoodie Footed Pajamas

These pajamas come in a light blue design with a swirly white pattern and fluffly yellow chicks printed on them- as a plus they are also available for your man, in his size and as such, is a great way for the both of you to bond together as a couple!

Batman / BatGirl Hooded Footie Pajama with Cape

This pajama piece comes in the form of a hooded fleece that is made of polyester and as such is easy to wear and take care of. It is in neutral gray color which looks lovely and is suitable for everyone, and it also comes with a matching cape that will both remind you of your favorite superheroes as well as put you in a mood for some night time adventure!

Footed Pajamas Splish Splash Blue Adult Hoodie

This is a great pair of pajamas to purchase for your boyfriend because they look super cute and snuggly- they are available in a bright blue color and with a swirly white design and floating fluffly ducks. These pajamas are a great casual gift to present your man- trust us, he’ll definitely thank you at the end of a tiring day spend in rough shoes and sweaty suits!

Sweetheart Footed Pajamas

These are a great pair of pajamas that come in a lovely, girly shade of pink and with beautiful hearts printed all over them, they look both cuddly, soft and girly and pretty in one go! An easy way to look great- minus all the effort!

Footed Pajamas Teddy Bear

This is a pair of footed pajamas that comes in a brown shade and while it looks both rough and scratchy it will have a manly essence for your boyfriend, it actually feels nice and soft and is smooth to the touch- a wonderful way for him to lay back and relax at the end of a long day!

Star Wars Dark Side Footed Pajamas

These are a sexy looking pair of pajamas that come in a vibrant shade of black and look awesome with star wars trivia and warships on them- both feisty and cool!

Updated: 04/21/2014, Tehreem
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Mira on 12/05/2014

These would make fun presents for one's girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband. Sometimes gifts are more about fun than about things we'll wear all the time. I think these pajamas score highly on the fun factor, particularly on cold winter nights. Pinning.

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