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Can I get some feedback, please?

A fresh page on Google site needs critiques

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on 12/27/2011

Can anyone give comments or critiques on this new Wizzley page, please?

Wizzley HTML Background
Posts: 338
on 12/27/2011

After I read it, I'm wondering about these questions.

Why should I use Google sites instead of some other blogging platform?

Why would I want to create a Google site at all? I think you could create an article about each of several reasons to create Google sites. For example, adsense earning, backlinks, traffic to other sites, etc.

Can I use affiliate links on Google Sites?

What do I do now that I've set up a few pages?

Basically, I think you need some more meat. You say space is limited, but that's not true. There is no upper limit on how long a page at Wizzley can be. Or you could create an entire series of articles about this topic.

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