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Down Town

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on 11/25/2011

I have Petula Clark's song stuck in my head at the moment!  LOL


Well whilst I have been away on business these past four days I have been working on 5 new pages for Wizzley and this morning I have started putting them together!  So why is Petula's wonderful song stuck in my head?

Well Down Town does sound an awful lot like Downton!

Yes you guessed it I am creating some pages about the amazing programme Downton Abbey

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on 12/28/2011

Ah...Downton Abbey. The series which gives the impression that all the jolly servants were pristinely dressed, and were lovingly cared for by their lord and master. That in a quaint Edwardian England the lawns of the rich held garden parties and the household staff smiled merrily mingling amongst the well heeled upper-crust. Of course the reality was very different. Most domestic servants worked a good 18 hour day, and rarely had time to wash their own clothes because they were washing those of their masters. Still it's just a fantasy drama.



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