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Promoting on Own Websites

on 06/22/2011

Does anyone have their own blog or website that thye write on?

i know mnay writers also have websites to promote their articles .


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on 06/22/2011

Yes, I have two blogs. I do my best to interlace my blog posts, wizzles, hubs, lenses, articles together through linking.

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on 06/22/2011

I have about 25 of my own sites as well as writing on a large number of web 2.0 sites like this. By interlinking between common subjects on the various sites I am able to strengthen all of them

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on 06/22/2011

I have 3 blogs that are on similar topics along with a website. I then have a couple of blogs for niches and write for other sites as well like Pro-Articles and Freelance Writer's Network. I link to drive traffic to and from Wizzley and Squidoo and the other sites. Works pretty well!  

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on 06/23/2011

I have a blog that I started for this purpose, but it has taken on a life of it's own.  It is now a humor blog often promoting nothing and linking nowhere.  But it has it's own following now.

I do a lot of cross linking with other sites like Squidoo, Best Reviewer and others.

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on 06/23/2011

I have about a dozen of my own sites. Where relevant I link to them from my wizzles. I also write on other web 2.0 properties, like hubpages and squidoo, and make sure I link from there to here (on topic). 

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on 06/24/2011

I have three blogs and one Web site. I try to do as much backlinking as I can. Speaking of backlinking, I just wrote this article at Examiner (I'm the National Online Publishing Examiner) about our very own Wizzley!

Wizzley -- New writing website


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on 06/25/2011

I have a blog for each of the major niches I work in and interlink things as appropriate.  I also use as a central point for promoting all my niches (well a lot of them) using just one url which I have seen good results from.

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on 06/27/2011

I have a blog and a fan page for each area I work in and I have fan pages. I link back and forth when revelant. I use my fan pages to post appropriate pages or lenses or articles.

However, my focus is the opposite. I did not create my blogs to promote my online work at Squidoo, Wizzley or elsewhere. My blogs are my main writing on those subjects and my online work either supports that material or allows me to write about other things that I do not normally write about. It is a very huge difference. I began blogging in 2002 before all this stuff that is now available. My blogs are not backlink blogs. 

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