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Show Price Or Not?

Posts: 447
on 04/25/2013

One of the things I have been experimenting with in various places is not showing the price on items for sale and simply having the button which directs people to amazon etc.  I am seeing an increased click through rate and a marginal increase in sales - have only been experimenting for a short while so no conclusive statistics yet.

Have others done this and what have been your findings if you have?

Posts: 1816
on 04/25/2013

I started leaving the price (and often the title too) off mine part way through last year.   To my mind, it encourages potential buyers to go and look at all of the details on Amazon etc.  I do have a title, but that's in the title line of the module itself.   That adds to the keywords.

Whether I'm doing the right thing or not, I couldn't say.

Posts: 626
on 04/25/2013

For Amazon one can take one of two strategies forward:

1) Create copy that is very specific to a single item, that endorses the choice a potential purchaser has already made, in which case I would add the price. You expect a sale from anyone that clicks through in this circumstance - whether you get it is another matter.

2) Make an affiliate marketing page which compares and contrasts various similar models / products, in which case I would leave the prices off. You just want them to click through.

What one tends to find (particularly in the second scenario) is that, no matter what you write about, the potential customer goes off and purchases products completely unrelated to that which you wrote about. For that reason ones only task really is to get people to remind themselves that they can get what they really want, at Amazon. Just 'click here' should therefore suffice.

Posts: 1086
on 04/26/2013

I don't show the price because I've found at Amazon that the price can be wrong.  I'd hate to mislead someone.

I don't know if this works or not to my advantage since I don't sell much of anything anyway!

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