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Help me, please!

A Second Account?

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on 04/06/2012

I like those colored stripes down the page that come with "quotes" but it does get long!

I've been wondering about splitting into a dual personality too. I think two is all I could handle though. I'm imprssed by those people with lots of accounts in different names who seem to be able to make it work.

Whitemoss (sue) on Wizzley and whitemoss on Squidoo
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on 04/06/2012

@ Chef, yes very good Wink I'll remember that

Katie McMurray
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on 04/07/2012

This kind of issue is resolved on Ezinearticles by offering "pen names" which keeps your content on your account but allows you to change your pen name/writer/brand to your content on practically a per post basis allowing you to label each one with specific profiles within the account- this way to the outside reader it's completely different authors but stats stay in house on one acct.

I've never seen this on one of these (page view sharing writer sites) sites, likely it's hard to do, I dunno. But being able to do that would be so much easier. Not sure the demand is there though as most people writing on these sites are just your home variety writers who don't mind all their content being in one place to show more variety/depth of skill sets (a good thing in the writers arena but not very good for niche-ing out your brand).

I think if your going to preserve the power in your brand (people have many i.e. psychology, marketing side, abuse counselor and gift shop type posts- which I agree I'd want to separate those two) then it's vital to use seperate pen names/author names/avatar names...

Branding can be a tricky monster if your niches are contrasting to the average readers eyes... I agree, people never forget a face and some niches can contrast so heavily it can create a ghost niche in the eyes of the reader that doesn't serve either side... interesting conversation here.


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on 04/07/2012

I think we must differentiate between writing on a variety of topics and brand building.

If you want to build your brand in the field of psychology, you better are a psychologist, who offers unique insights and valuable info to readers. Then you create blogs, articles, press releases, guest posts, videos, other words, you work hard for a few years to establish your brand.

Just writing about psychology schools and degrees makes you nothing but one of thousands of internet marketers, who try to cash in on some AdSense clicks. No branding necessary, or even possible, here.

As online writers/marketers, we try to build our brand as authoritative content creators; usually on a variety of topics, but always knowledgeable and quality-oriented. If we have enough interesting stuff to say on one specific topic, then there's nothing wrong with having a separate account for that.

However, even with only one account we have plenty of "real" branding tools:

  • establish credibility through our profile picture and blurb
  • categorize consistently so readers can find related content through our profile categories
  • list our other related articles on each page
  • write often and write well (thanks, JoHarrington!)
  • make use of multimedia; there are tons of free tools to create interesting slide shows, graphics, and videos
  • use social media and bookmarking

What else can you think of that's useful for our brand building?

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 04/08/2012

That's a really excellent summary of how one can use Wizzley to contribute to your personal branding.

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