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Help me, please!

Broken links revisited

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on 09/14/2012

Just received that 'broken links' e-mail.

Went to 'My Pages' and clicked on the link to the article with the red triangle against it.

Got to the article without hassle and found that the broken link suggested was for the article I had just opened.

Clicking on the link suggested as broken and I got a 404.

Went to the actual link in the article, clicked it and got a 404.

This is very strange. 

I get a 404 when I click on the links within the article that I have just been able to access from 'My Pages' that is the exact article that is supposedly broken??????

Article is:

But article link is:

Both of which, strangely, can be access using the links in this forum message.

Things are going weird on me guys - what's occurring?

Posts: 578
on 09/14/2012

The URL in your article looks like this:

Our link checker didn't catch this, when you were saving the module originally. So the link is actually broken.

By the way: Why are you linking at this module to the currently displayed article? A link to "self" ... If it's for Google, to inject some keywords, please don't do that kind of outdated SEO. There are web masters all over the world, trying hard to get rid of such links on and to their own projects, particularly external links. 


Posts: 626
on 09/15/2012


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