Link Popularity, Linkbait: Generate Traffic To Your Website

by humagaia

Link popularity can bring a greater chance of higher income from web content. But how does link popularity become a reality? Create linkbait to generate traffic to your web content

Read all about it.

Linkbait caught by its own popularity.

Traffic increasing.

Where will it all end?

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Link Popularity

We all like to be popular, don't we.

OK, popularity doesn't convert directly into wealth, but link popularity can bring a greater chance of higher income from web content.

But how can you increase link popularity so that it helps generate traffic to your website, blog or online article?

That is the conundrum we all face.

Especially as it can take an age to do all that link building stuff that bores the pants off most online writers.

And it is this conundrum that has been travelling around in a bus in my mind, waiting for my stop, so I can get off and get it done automatically - well semi-automatically - well set a process in motion that achieves the link building naturally, with 'white hat' on head, without too much intervention.

And then it came to me in a flash of inspiration.

Well it came to me after reading:

High-quality images, no royalties or attributions required, totally free for personal and commercial use. No sign-up necessary!

Well not immediately after reading.

Things don't happen like that in my brain, usually.

Somehow Pixabay being another one of Wizzleys gems (I just had to add it to the 'Things I love about Wizzley:') stuck in my subconscious: you know the 98% of my brain I don't use consciously.

And it outed itself just this morning, as I was alighting from my beauty sleep. Pop.



Pixabay is linkbait. Chefkeem told us that.

And look what it has achieved in just half a dozen sentences:

  • One article list module linking to an article about it
  • Some verbiage on the subject surrounding the link
  • A direct link to Pixabay using the Insert/Edit module
  • A direct link to Chefkeem's profile here on Wizzley.

OK, no great shakes in the overall scheme of things as most are internal links, and the one directing to the site becomes one of many from Wizzley, thus not adding to the 'number of sites linking to' Pixabay.

Each picture from Pixabay that anybody places on a webpage receives a one way link:

The Holy Grail.

A one way link to the site itself.

Great for Pixabay, if they are from Wizzley articles.

Even better if they are from external sources other than Wizzley.

But it is the concept of using the method that intrigues me.

What if?

What if it was possible to turn this linkbait process around so that there were incoming links to webpages, just as there are outgoing links from Wizzley which become incoming links to Pixabay?

Mmmmm, worth thinking further!

What linkbait could achieve this?

And it came to me in two flashes of inspiration.

They were flashes of lightning: bolts really, and one dropped on the floor, bounced a few times and disappeared under the settee. Nuts! 

Linkbait Idea One

The first linkbait idea cracked me across the back of my head.

That's when the bolt in my neck fell out.

It is the easiest concept to implement, and if the powers that be at Wizzley deem it to be a good idea they might just consider creating a new module to make it easy for each of us to implement.

I will / have (according to what time it is in the process) created an example at the end of this Wizer.

The concept is:

  • Dangle the linkbait for the little fishes to bite on.
    Make it as easy as possible for anyone outside of Wizzley, wanting to link to a page, so to do.
    Wizzley already supports the concept for those creating Wizzley articles.
    You've seen the module used above.
    The article list module generates exactly the information we would like external users to use to link to our content.
    Why not make the same information available to external beings, so that it supports all of the SEO that best supports one way linking to our offerings?
    I know the information is there already, but hitting them around the back of the head with it, may just cudgel (sic.) them into using it.

And anyway, it will help our own SEO as, if ordered properly, it would mean our keywords are automatically in the last sentence of our page.

Linkbait Idea Two

The second linkbait idea punched me in the stomach and threw an uppercut.

Luckily, I just managed to dodge the latter.

Now this one is out of my hands. This one would need the Wizzley guys to get on board, find a decent cabin with a balcony, sip a few cocktails, and then in a drunken stupor decide to make a clone of Pixabay, with a few modifications (unless of course is theirs also).

Is this a possibility?

I hope so! 'Coz this one is a humdinger.

One way link building service

What is needed is a site where

  • one way links are generated to our web pages
  • one way links to our web pages are incorporated in 'product' that is offered and taken by others to include in their webpages.

I'm sure I need to explain. 

The concept is similar to Pixabay / Clker, with a twist of lime to make a Mai Tai for the guys on the balcony.

The concept is:

  • Any of us can generate unique 'artwork' that we can use on our own webpages:
    dividers, cartoons, anything that pretties up the page.
    But, at the moment, it is only useful to us as individuals. 
  • Some of us currently download similar cartoon artwork from Clker.
  • How about uploading our own artwork to a similar site to Clker, but
    the artwork (I'm thinking specifically 'dividers' here, first of all) is made into a banner with a link to the originating webpage.

What is a divider?

↓ Good question! Here's one I made earlier ↓

Gold page 'divider' / splitter
Gold page 'divider' / splitter
Humagaia's very own artwork
Over to the Wizzley Team

OK guys, get settled into your seats. Cocktails at the ready. Sip! Mmmmm Mai Tai. Have a few!


  • Is it worth me going any further with this idea?
    I have thought further to make the idea a working possibility. 
  • Are you willing to consider creating such a site?
    Or could one you already own be adapted?
  • If it is a go'er what other input do you require?
    We can take this offline to discuss further. 

So that's it for now. Vote below if you think this might be a good idea.

Is this a good idea for a link building service?

  Display results
And the winner is.........trumpets ......da doot da der!!!!!!!!

Generate Traffic To Your Website

Web pages, Blog and / or Articles

So, back to the first linkbait idea.

How would a new module assist in generating traffic? 

Basically, it would be a module where HTML code is available for webmasters to use to link to a page. And it would also have the URL, title and description available for others to use.

I have created a rough specimen below ↓ for the current page. I'm sure the Wizzley guys could get it to look similar to the 'Article List' module.

Title: Link Popularity, Linkbait: Generate Traffic To Your Website
Description: Link popularity can bring a greater chance of higher income from web content. But how does link popularity become a reality? Create linkbait to generate traffic to your web content.

Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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humagaia on 08/27/2012

You'll have to wait for the invite from the Wizzley team for their balcony get-together to savor the Mai-Tai. They have not arrived here yet to get a taste for the concept.

Ragtimelil on 08/26/2012

I like it, even if I don't understand it. Where's my Mai Tai?

humagaia on 08/25/2012

Of course I'm onto something - when have you known me to be wrong? Seriously, try it out and see the results.

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

I've always like cabins in the wood, balconies,Mai Tai's and dividers. Hanging on your every word... interesting concept, I do feel you're on to something. :)K

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

I've always like cabins in the wood, balconies,Mai Tai's and dividers. Hanging on your every word... interesting concept, I do feel you're on to something. :)K

cherylone on 03/24/2012

Great idea, especially for someone like me who isn't yet program savvy, though I am trying.

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