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Help me, please!

Help Please - Wizzley/Google AdSense Question

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on 06/09/2011

Why is not showing up in my google adsense account? Or anywhere on in my google adsense account?

Under my google adsense account it says...

"If you use a third party service (such as Blogger) to manage your AdSense account, that service will be listed below as a host. Hosts are sites or services that require access to your AdSense ad code and reports in order to provide you with AdSense account management through their site."

Hubpages is list there but not Wizzley. I put my google adsense ID number in my settings on Wizzley already so shouldnt wizzley be liste in my google adsense account as a third party like hubpages is?


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on 06/09/2011

It is showing up on mine...but I physically added it as a url channel...did the same with HubPages...I always thought that was why I got the stats.

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on 06/09/2011

If you have entered your pub-ID correctly, you will get the ad revenue.

If you want to track your individual income streams on AdSense, you will have to set up custom channels. Check Paula's "How To AdSense" page for more info.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 06/09/2011

Did you go to adsense setup page and added it as a new custom channel? or url channel? it is confusing to me too

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on 06/09/2011

You need to set up Wizzley as a custom channel if you want it to show up separately, then you need to enter the channel on Wizzley.  It is not exactly the same as Hubpages.  Follow the directions on the Wizzley article that ChefKeem referenced above.

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