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Help me, please!  

Trash or Statistics!

Posts: 458
on 05/13/2013

Could I ask a big favour?  I use the "Actions" button a lot from my dashboard and the number of times I almost click on Trash when I want to click Statistics - well I have lost count LOL

Is there anyway they cut be put in a different order?  I know we get "Are you really sure" when we click Trash .... but one these days .....and yes I know we have a "get out of jail" by rescuing it from Trash

Posts: 3394
on 05/13/2013

Let me get this straight, Paul.

You never lost anything, right? You only *almost* pulled the lethal lever.

But even if, by mistake, you had unlocked the Gates to Hell, you would have gotten a BIG ALARM SIGN.

And even if you then---for reasons known only to you--had descended into the fires of Hades, the Horny One would have smiled and said: "You may leave anytime you wish, Mr P.!"

A fool-proof system? I'd say so. Don't get no fool-proofier.

I wouldn't change a thing. We might jinx it.  Smile 

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
Posts: 458
on 05/14/2013

Welll you put it like that............I wouldn't change it either Laughing

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