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List Your Little Helpers ;-)

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on 01/29/2013

Hi, I thought it might be a good idea to collect tips on what kind of little writing / layout helpers we use to get our work quicker and better done. Feel free to add yours!

Firefox Browser Add-On Clippings:

Great for copying and pasting HTML code or affi links you use frequently.

Hope that helps somebody ;-) SY

Posts: 256
on 01/29/2013

Gyazo (shameless plug!) and RainyMood (helps me to focus)  are the two things I use the most when I'm writing for Wizzley. Smile

Posts: 1087
on 01/29/2013

Yes, great idea Sam!

I had a great one that I used (got it from the Squidoo site) to make html links at Zazzle.

I just highlighted the text and then inserted the link in descriptions and such - like what we do in the modules here at Wizzley.  However it has disappeared from my browser and I can't find it at Squidoo.

Anyone know about an addon to use like that?  (I hope this makes sense).

on 01/29/2013

My "little helper" is my cat, Spot...he keeps the laptop from falling down...

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on 01/29/2013

Great Idea, nice helpers Paul, love the rain and will read the article soon. 

Spot is so cute, gotta love the cat.  

I'm in a bit of a rush at the present but will be back to contribute later after I leave a meeting.

Katie McMurray
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