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Who wants to make an agreement?

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on 03/25/2012

Constructive Feedback and Suggestions for improvements are appreciated.

If anyone notices errors or typos on my pages, please send me a private message with the details.


Thanks!  Smile


Posts: 447
on 04/10/2012

I always welcome feedback on errors - great way to improve Laughing

Posts: 1210
on 04/29/2012

Hi Wendy, I found I was depending too much on the spell check here and didn't realize things like your you're their there they're weren't pointed out (although the their there they're I've got down now). I started filtering my articles through MS word for grammar checking and was astonished to see that I had a bunch of your you're issues and a few it's its ones as well :)

It's funny you can catch these things easily when auditing/checking over/reading other peoples work but in your own for some reason it just escapes you! I'd suggest anyone use that convenient "export to text" link then move that into word to see if there are any of these issues- you would be amazed how many might be there!

Posts: 1210
on 04/29/2012

Ditto, one part of my job is auditing articles so I really need to step up making sure I don't lose myself in the excitement or haste of wanting to get my articles live, and take the time to really check them. I too blatantly know its it's your you're their there they're a lot (not alot) and so on but when it comes to your own work your more emotional about the context that you tend to not push the analytical part of your brain to the front burner. When I'm auditing a writers work, I have next to no vested interest in the article content/context itself beyond making sure it's not fluff etc... but when I read it I'm like a grammar bot or like Google bots scanning a page based on specific parameters. It really wouldn't look good for one of our writers to read one of my posts and see the very mistakes I ding them on now would it? lUndecidedl... (laughing on low).

This is one reason I've been creating and editing a wizzle over several days (I switch gears after copying several over, so one night I just copy over and do basic formatting, another night I work on one of them to completion or switch out and do several over the course of a night's free time (usually graveyard), once it's completed but not yet once overe'd for grammar etc...

I will set it aside and let it simmer and leave my consciousnesses- after several days or a week I'll revisit it in "page" mode putting my mindset in a visiting readers view- then I'll open the page in edit mode in a new tab and as I go make edits to fix issues, remove overzealous content, reword etc...

Once that's done I let it sit again (I have plenty of others in the oven so I'm constantly busy but methodically working it so I can maintain a fresh mind when editing) and come back to it yet several days later again once the images, formatting, and edits have simmered down in my consciousnesses so I can be more impartial to the content much like I do the writers work.

This is my latest "system" so my first 13 articles didn't  benefit from it but my next 15 I'm working on as described above (starting with the eye-bling and "are you possessed?" ones)... This, I'm finding also helps me with tightening the copy down. I revisit a wizzle after a month (tis the plan) and will see if there is any way to shorten it a bit if the article is 2-3k down to a 1k article (the goal).

There's actually quite a bit of psychology involved in the entire process- knowing how your mind can fool you helps to create a way around the block- I anticipate my you're your and other issues including lengthy articles, will slowly evolve into a perfect article a "Chef" would love to serve his patrons :) Tongue out


ok back to work, I'm spending too much time in the forum today.

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