Fragrances from Famous French Perfume Houses for Women

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When it comes to perfumes, France never ceases to amaze me. With its myriad fashion shows conducted in a top destination like Paris,it has much to offer in the field of fragrances.

When it comes to the most popular fragrances for women, no country ranks better than France in the mastery and artistry of scents. French perfumes were a craze in Victorian era and they haven’t lost their appeal and demand in contemporary times as well. They are very much present in their modern forms charming their audience and fans all over the world.

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Paris – The Fashion Hub


Since ancient times, the great perfume houses of France were churning exotic aromas and they continue to do so with new found medley of unusual scents and perfumes. Though Paris continues to outstand in the world of glamour and fashion, having striking relations with fashion and perfumes, France was not the first ancient country to delve in perfumes.

We have historical evidences that Greeks and Romans were the crazy inventors of some of the striking aromas present in today’s Eau de colognes and perfumes, the traces of which lead to their doors. We could have possibly learnt from them the ancient techniques and alchemy of creating elixirs for which we should be thankful to them.

History of Perfumes


The origin of bizarre mixing of aromas can be traced to the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, which gives us an interesting insight of our forefathers who loved to apply aromas on their body to hide sweat and body odour. In fact, India has an exhilarating history of Moghuls who were fond of rose fragrances. They had beautiful rose gardens and the perfumes were carefully chosen from the best of roses giving rise to “Itra”, a name given to the concoction o fragrances. The Queens and royal heritage from India loved to adorn themselves with natural fragrances of blooming flowers coming straight from their beautiful rose gardens.

French Perfumes for Women

French Perfumes for Women
French Perfumes for Women
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Art of Making Perfumes


The ancient historic methods of extracting fragrances from flowers were done by maceration, soaking the flowers in a liquid that would absorb their fragrances without the use of chemical s. The resulting concentrates contained the natural "essential oils", and it formed the base from which exotic but natural perfumes were made. 

French Perfume Collection


Though we have a well skilled audience and customers around the world that specializes in using and creating outlandish aromas, the home of great perfumes is undoubtedly France where the industry of fragrances flourished professionally and for a long time.

The humble village of Grasse in the south of France is synonymous to French perfumes, it has the foundations of Galimard, founded by Jean de Gallimard. This ancient perfumery based in Grasse used to provide perfumes to the court of historic Louis XV and royal families of France.

Power Houses of French Perfumes


Many of the greatest names in the perfume industry like Coty, Caron, Galimard, Chanel, Christian Dior, Corday  or Bourjois are French brands, and perhaps in terms of trends and  style statements, one of the best of international perfume retailers.

There are staggering figures and statistics about France being the leader with 30% of the share in the world market of perfumes. French fragrances and cosmetics are one of the popularly known brands among its elite classes and elsewhere too.

French Perfumes for Women from Grasse


The French approach to creating sophisticated fragrances has changed little in the past century in terms of using the local Grasse flowers but they are well ahead in utilizing the nuances of combinations of aromas and trying out many different tropical scents as well.


Grasse is a pilgrimage for fragrances in France for all great perfume lovers. You will love this country with dense blooms of scented blooms that are the epitome of French fragrances. Many scented flowers that incorporate the zest of French perfumes like iris, jasmine, rose, lily and lavender are especially cultivated for their scent in a grand scale in Grasse.


Paris, the hub of fashion and beauty, houses some of the great and rare perfumes. It is extremely unlikely that you will not find that unique fragrance which you are in search for. You will find a variety of scents, sprays and Eau de colognes that speak volumes about the preparation and techniques used to get those distinct flavours. You are definite to find a perfume that matches your personality in this place.

Fragonard Caresse Eau de Parfum

Made in France
Fragonard Caresse Eau de Parfum - Made in France






Discovered and reinvented by the legendary Fragonard, this perfume is a medley of Mediterranean notes. CARESSE is an exotic blend of flora and fruits - the Mediterranean blooms of roses, jasmine, orange blossoms, mandarine, peach and apricot.

Top French Fragrances for Women

Fragrances for Winter


As we approach the fall and winter season, it is time to gear the wardrobe with the French scents of the seasons. Autumn comes with snow and cold - what you need are the warm notes and rich aromas to counteract the winter and fill the air with French presence.

This season is typical of France and presents you with many new opportunities of trying fragrances inspired by nature. Look for floral fragrances that celebrate the mild Mediterranean climate of France perfumes. Look in this article for some lingering aromas that you should try out this season. So watch out for cheap scents, use natural fragrances and established brands instead.

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/20/2023

The first sentence under the subheading The Art of Making Perfumes indicates that "The ancient historic methods of extracting fragrances from flowers were done by maceration, soaking the flowers in a liquid that would absorb their fragrances without the use of chemicals."

Would those be the methods that predominate in the production of the most celebrated and profitable fragrances, in France and elsewhere? Or would there be some concessions for technological advances and timely deliveries and restockings?

AngelaJohnson on 11/18/2014

I love Muget de Bois (Lily of the Valley) by Coty.

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