Grandma’s Secret Recipes for Dry Skin Home Remedy

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The secret to natural skin glow, a young mesmerizing soft body and the cure for dry aging skin is in grandma’s home remedies.

Who does not like an everlasting soft and jubilant skin with a natural youthful glow?

Everyone yearns for a soft body that radiates warmth and youth. Without getting into expensive cosmetics and medical treatments, it is possible to maintain a healthy, natural glowing skin which combats ageing. Natural skin glow and care for sensitive, oily and dry skin with home remedies is an excellent way to rejuvenate the tiring skin that is the largest protection layer of our body.

Grandma’s secret recipes to everlasting Natural Skin Glow and Soft Skin Body are no more secrets. They are available from word of mouth and now doing rounds in the internet and beauty parlors.

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Soft Skin - Beautiful Women

Soft Skin - Beautiful Women
Soft Skin - Beautiful Women
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Natural Remedies with No Side Effects


Naturally derived extracts from herb foliage, plant’s roots, herb oils and flowers combined with natural carrier agents, emulsifiers and preservatives are excellent for dry skin home remedy.

These home made products can be 100 % devoid of synthetic chemicals that are harmful to the skin and body. In addition, fresh herbs and herb extracts do not produce side-effects. However, it is prudent to check with the physician in case you have any allergies and chronic symptoms from any herb potions.

Dry Skin Home Remedy


Skin plays an important role in insulating the body against pathogens and moisture losses. Due to its direct exposure to the harsh environment, it is important for us to take care of the skin not only in appearance but also in its immunity and strength in fighting bacteria, regulating the temperature inside our body and insulating against external enemies.

Though it appears hairless, the entire body except the palms, bottom part of the feet are covered with hair follicles. The primary role of skin is to keep body protected and register sensations. Skin contains nerves that react to external stimuli like heat and cold, touch, pressure and injuries causing sensation that send signals to brain. 

Grandma’s Recipe for Dry Skin with Egg Treatment


An aging skin is prone to dryness; it becomes slow in healing and gets easily damaged. Among other prominent things that happen with age, a decrease in volume and elasticity of skin is also observed. The tendency of dry skin is to crack and cause bleeding. A few drops of lemon juice and olive oil mixed in egg yolk is a very good dry skin home remedy for making the skin soft and supple. Leave this mixture on your face till it is dry and you can feel the tautness.

Keep this mixture for approximate 40 to 60 minutes on face. Wash with normal cold water and feel the difference from a hydrated and natural glowing skin. It is good for slowing skin aging and treating wrinkles also.

Glowing Face with Rose and Lemon Soft Skin Lotion


Use rose and lemon for glowing face skin that improves complexion with increasing softness.  This is an excellent dry skin home remedy if you are tired of dry and rough skin patches.  Use this mixture after taking bath; it helps to retain the natural moisture of your body.

This mixture requires-

  • 3 tablespoon – lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon - glycerin
  • 3 tablespoon – rose water

Mix the above ingredients well to obtain a harmonious solution.


Hot water generally leaves the body dry after bath, use the above solution to keep the skin soft.  Leftover homemade skin lotion can be kept in refrigerator to retain freshness. Avoid using extreme hot water temperatures for bath.  Hot water tends to rob moisture from the body. For best results lukewarm water at body temperature should be used for taking bath.

Homemade Night Cream


Nourishing the skin while relaxing or sleeping is an effective method to keep the skin soft and moist while resting the fatigue body.  For excellent results use this homemade night cream regularly on your face and neck every night.

This mixture requires-

  • Half teaspoon – fresh milk cream
  • Half teaspoon – lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon – almond oil

Mix all the ingredients well to obtain a harmonious balanced solution.

Homemade Salts, Exfoliating Scrubs


The knees, elbows and heels are susceptible to rough treatment and are often dark and drier compared to the hands and feet. To treat them with care, mix a paste of salt and mustard seeds and apply the paste gently to these areas. Massage regularly with this paste to exfoliate the layer of dirt and obtaining smooth and soft skin. This homemade exfoliating scrub does wonder to your skin. You can also use a smooth paste of oat for exfoliating.

Olive Oil Treatment

Soft Skin lotion


Olive oil protection for skin is an excellent treatment of dry and sensitive skin. This soft skin lotion of olive does wonder in combating dryness and is very good for treating dry skin. The process is very simple, use a soft, round muslin cloth to make a homemade mask by cutting holes for the eyes, nose and mouth on the cloth.

Soak the cloth mask in olive oil, before going to bed; put this cloth on your face and let it remain for 40 to 60 minutes depending on the dryness of your skin. After an hour or so, take off the mask, wipe the face gently with a very soft and dry cloth. Wash the face only in the morning with cold water and gentle pat dry your face to get a natural skin glow. You will see a remarkable difference in the skin.

DIY Deep Moisturizing Whipped Body Butter Cream from YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 06/23/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.

In particular, I appreciate the precise recipes under your subheadings Glowing Face with Rose and Lemon Soft Skin Lotion and Homemade Night Cream.

What would be the amounts and proportions of mustard seeds and salt for the paste to be applied on elbows, heels and knees?

Mira on 10/31/2014

I really like the mustard seeds idea! I'll make a facial scrub with mustard seeds soon :). Thanks so much!

ologsinquito on 10/31/2014

I totally agree that natural is the way to go. These plant-based materials work with our skin, and they contain no harmful chemicals to dry and damage our skin. Grandma was right.

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