Frederic Remington Bronze Statues - A Sophisticated Touch for Your Western Decor

by Digby_Adams

Masculine and powerful bronze statues by the master artists Frederic Remington. You'll love the selection and prices

Western decor is the perfect second home, more relaxed vibe. It's great for that house on the lake. Whether you enjoy horseback riding, hunting, or just hiking in the woods, the iconic images of the Wild West certainly compliment that outdoorsy, woodsman lifestyle. If you want to include artistic touches in your Western decor, nothing is more suited to it than a Remington bronze statue. Remington's sculpture captures the power and the passion of the taming of the West. You don't even have to have a second home. Western decor is the perfect home decor for a library, home bar or game room. If you love cowboy folklore or art, you'll love displaying a Remington statue in your home. All of the bronze statues shown below are selling on ebay today - one of the most trusted and popular shopping sites in the world. Find out why!

Frederic Remington crafted many bronze statues depicting the life and work of the Western cowboy. Usually this strong and brave man is shown on his horse, sometimes he'll be walking his horse, but usually there's a horse in the cowboy sculpture. To lose your horse was often to die a slow and lonely death. There was a reason that hanging was often the punishment for horse stealing.

In a Remington statue the cowboy and horse truly are represented as a single design element. From the tip of the cowboy's hat to the horse's hooves, you see the power and grace of these two has the race across the Western plains delivering mail, chasing buffalo or looking for land to farm. The detailed sculptures let you feel the power in the horses legs and long gaze of a cowboy looking for the next watering hole.

The price of a Remington bronze sculpture varies immensely depending upon who commissioned it. A one-of-a-kind piece might sell for thousands of dollar, while a statue designed for Franklin Mint might sell for under $50.

Frederic Remington Cowboy Bronze Statues

Fantastic Art on Ebay

Of course anyone can appreciate the talent behind the art of Frederic Remington, but it does have a very masculine side. Therefore I tend to see it as the perfect gift for Father's Day or even a retirement gift. If you know of someone who is graduating from law school and establishing a new office, this is the perfect new office gift. High-quality art and crystal will give a new office the air of success and competence - from the first day.

Signed art always impresses other people. Even if it isn't unique or expensive. I know that I always get authors to sign new books. I put them on a bookcase and when people see that all my books are signed they go gaga. Only signed books are bought and displayed in bookcases. My serious reading is all done on an e-reader.

If you love southwestern art and decor, you'll love the way that these rustic and powerful bronze statues complement that decor in particular. I think it lets the guys know that we value them when we establish our home decor. I'd wrap one up and give it to my husband for a Valentine gift and then let him decide where to put it!

Signed Frederic Remington Bronze Statues

Home Art on Ebay

Vintage Federic Remington Bronze Statues

Find it on Ebay!
Updated: 06/24/2013, Digby_Adams
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