Toss the Frogs Game

by evelynsaenz

Toss the frogs and watch them land. A frog theme is a delightful way to help your children learn basic math facts.

What could you do with a bucket of plastic frogs? My children love frogs so when I ran across a bucket of plastic frogs I just had to buy them. When we poured them out some landed on their feet but others landed on their sides or backs. That reminded me of the game Pass the Pigs. That was the day when the Toss the Frogs game was born. We laughed so hard we could hardly contain ourselves. There is just something so funny about counting frogs that are upside down or on their sides.

Just take a handful of frogs, shake them in your hands, toss them in the air and begin counting. It's that simple!

Leap into Frog Math!

Frog Fun in Math Class!
Frog Game
Frog Game

Shake the Frogs and learn your math facts!

Counting Frog Math Game

Children love playing with frog counters. A bucket of frogs can help children memorize their math facts while playing a fun game of tossing the frogs. The game is quite simple and yet hilariously fun. Decide on anumber that your child needs to learn. For example, we will pick 5. The numbers in the fact family for the number 5 are:







To adults that seems so obvious but to young children just learning their math facts, lots of experience manipulating objects is needed before these facts become internalized. That's where this fun game comes in.

Toss the Frogs

Rules for Toss the Frogs

Here are the simple rules for playing Toss the Frogs:

1. Place five frogs in your hand.

2. Shake them up.

3. Toss them on the table and look to see how many landed face up and how many landed face down.

4. Now write the number sentence to describe the way they landed.

The hillarious part comes in tossing the frogs. Somehow, just the act of shaking and tossing frogs strikes a funny bone. My kids have loved playing this game over and over. As they learn more math facts we add more frogs.

Count the frogs as you toss them on the Table

Frog count
Frog Fun Game
Frog Fun Game

Would you rather learn math with frog counters or just paper and pencil?

Is frog themed math for you?
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Frog Counters make math fun.
emeraldmile on 12/07/2011

Give me the frogs. Any tool that can help kids have fun learning math is great in my books.

sheilamarie on 10/31/2011

Frogs are friendly little critters. Laughter sure helps create an atmosphere for learning.

Peg on 10/30/2011

Frogs look like a great way to learn counting!

Have you ever tried shaking and tossing 10 frogs?

How many frogs can you hold in your hands?
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If the number of frogs becomes to big to hold in your hands, all you need to do is put the frogs in a plastic cup. Shake them up and pour them on the table.

Cup for Frogs

Use a cup for shaking larger numbers of Frogs
frog in my tea
frog in my tea

Frog Themed Unit Study

Teaching with a Frog Theme

Froggy Math Facts
Continuing the Frog Unit Study this lens is all about adding and subtracting with frogs. Children learn best when given hands-on multi-sensory projects and games that relate to the overall subject being studied. With dozens of frog related addition and subtraction activities, matmats, workjobs and games children will soon have their number facts hop and jump right into their brains. Jump into the mathematical pond and catch the math facts...

Frog Math Counting Games

More Games to Play with Frog Counters

There are dozens of games you can play with your frog counters. Place some Counting Frogs in your sensory table along with potting soil, bird or grass seed and a spray bottle of water. Allow the children to play with the frogs in the sensory table and let their imaginations take them where they wish. Be sure to count the number of frogs before you allow the children to play if you would like to keep track of the number of frogs in the table. 

After a couple of days the bird or grass seed will begin to grow. Ask the children if they found it easier or harder to find the frogs. 

Counting Frogs can be used to as playing pieces in any game. They can be used to help with homework when completing worksheets.

Frog Counters for Concrete Math Help

Using Frog Counters can help children go from Concrete to Abstract Thinking!

Teachers have found over the years that young children or children learning new concepts can understand and internalize the new concepts best when presented in a concrete way. Math can be difficult for children when required to learn it only through abstrace numbers written on a page.

Here I have suggested to you that Frogs Counters as math manipulatives. Children find math more fun with frog counters. A bucket of Frog Counters will help your child transition from concrete to abstrace thinking when it comes to doing math problems.

Counting Frogs

Counting Frogs for playing the Toss the Frogs Math Game
Safari LTD Mini Counting Frogs

Frogs with personality! Finely detailed Mini Frogs composed of soft rubber. Each frog measures is less than an inch (2.5cm) long. These frogs fit easily into your child's hands and are ideal for helping your child learn to count, add, subtract Age 5+

Only $124.99
Updated: 12/30/2014, evelynsaenz
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Commenting on the Toss the Frogs Game:

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wulfiegal21 on 10/26/2013

Would never tire of playing a game like that and I love frogs although I still cannot get myself to pick one up.

marciag on 09/18/2013

What fun ways to have some quality time with your kids with fun activities!

evelynsaenz on 10/30/2011

Thank you, Peg. My children have always loved playing games. Often they don't even realize that they are learning.

Peg on 10/30/2011

This sounds like a great way for kids to learn.

evelynsaenz on 10/30/2011

Thank you so much, Tssfacts. I believe that children learn better when they are happily playing games.

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