Fun Filled Winter Christmas Decorations with Snowman Figurines and Ornaments

by WriterArtist

Gear up with Snowman ornaments, figurines, stockings and plush snowman toys to be in the right spirit for the autumn season and Christmas. Make this Christmas different and fun.

Hooray! It is a snow day! It is raining Snowman, and not too soon though. As Frosty, the Snowman seems to be right around the corner, with Christmas approaching fast; it is time to gear up for winter season with the snowman decorations for Christmas.

It is the right time to make the transition or rather leapfrog from Fall to the Autumn season as the wheel of four seasons is rotating and now pointing towards the winter snow. The grand old reverend winter has arrived and so has the snowman.


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Thomas Kinkade *Midwinter Magic* ILLUMINATED SNOWMAN BY THE BRADFOR...

Thomas Kinkade Let it Snow Crystal Snowman on a Saucer Sculpture by The Bradford Exchange

Thomas Kinkade Let it Snow Crystal Snowman on a Saucer Sculpture by...
The Bradford Exchange

Winter Fun with Snowman?


Have you ever wondered, the right mood and approach for the winter – it is snowboarding, snow-skiing, snowballs and skating in snow. Anything to do with snow is the Snow-spirit.

Now here’s a question that you might want to try your brains with -

What is that glitters in snow?

Obviously sparkling Snowflakes and the whimsical Snowman.

Well if you have other answers to this query, you are free to put them in the Guestbook.

Snowman outfits are sparkling white and kids adore them. Snowman stockings and quilts are absolutely gorgeous and you will definitely fall in love with them, they are fun to work at if you want to add on, or sure delight to watch every character and piece that goes in those stockings and quilts. If you are adventurous you might like to add characters, sceneries and knit them for your kids and grandkids with love, care and details.  Keep them as a souvenir for generations to come and it will be priceless possession that your family might want to treasure.

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Snowman Figurine Featuring Edmund Sullivan's Landscape Art by The Bradford Exchange

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Snowman Figurine Featuring Edmund Sulli...
The Bradford Exchange

G. Debrekht Snowman with Kids Santa Hand-Painted Wood Carving

G. Debrekht Snowman with Kids Santa Hand-Painted Wood Carving

Fun with Snowman Decorations for White Christmas


Snowman art and craft is for all ages who love fun and want to be slightly mischievous and whimsical this winter.

So what is the right time to start the snowman decorations?

When the tiny snowflakes start to fall and the grass turns white with snow.

When the flurries change from randomness to a regular pattern, settling softly on the ground.

When the pristine snow becomes powdery and fluffy at first and then the massive snowfall breaks with evenings attracting darkness faster, it is time to play snowman. When the snow makes way to subfreezing temperatures, the glittering snow crystals formulate and sparkle vividly dipped in mysterious moonlight, it is time to celebrate White Christmas.

A Christmas which has everything including the snowman glitters and flickers in the strange snow-lit, silvery moonlight is indeed a bright, white romantic Xmas. The snowman ornaments bring a glistening mood of all things white and beautiful..............and Lo the Christmas has arrived with Santa Claus in his sleigh of reindeers!


Which dress do you want to dress Snowman with?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/15/2023

Blue and white are so attractive on Snowman and Snowwoman even as I like the gentle contrast between blue and white and I like the camouflage of white on white for Snowman and Snowwoman since they sleep outside with potential predators ;-D!

Snowman Airblown Inflatables


It is fun to have the entire family of snowman – Mr. and Mrs. Snowman with their kid waiting on the lawn to greet your guests. The cute family dressed in white and blue winter wear can brave the cold breeze, hail and snow; and yet smile and welcome the guests. Strong and robust air blown inflatables are weather resistant.

With an option of incandescent lighting the decorations will be stunning and stand out at Christmas Eve. The inflatable can be blown in minutes without any special tool and can be easily deflated and stored for next year. Standing tall on your patio, the Snowman inflatables easily take the center stage and it is hard to pull your eyes from the glamorous, spectacular sight.

Snowman Decor on YouTube

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Have you ever made a snowman from winter snow?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/15/2023

Yes, I appreciate what it takes to make a snowman and a snowwoman from winter snow as I come from a land of ice, sleet and snow!

In particular, I like the hand-painted Snowman and the Snowmen ornaments, especially the one who has a book open for reading Christmas services or singing Christmas songs.

Would the outdoor weather wear at the Christmas inflatables so that they only would be usable for one Christmas season?

WriterArtist on 11/08/2014

@ologsinquito - I love the snowman figurines especially from the Bradford Exchange.

ologsinquito on 11/27/2013

I like the little tea cups hanging on the tree.

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