Fun Hobbit Gifts for Kids

by Marie

Great toy, game and gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays and surprises that you can buy for kids and younger fans of The Hobbit.

I'm about as qualified as you can get to give ideas and inspiration for gifts and toys to buy for kids who are really into The Hobbit. For a start, I've loved this book since I was a little girl. And now I'm grown up and I have my own daughter who loves it too.

We've tried out quite a few items associated with both The Lord of the Rings and the new Hobbit movie range: books, toys, action figures, Lego and more. This guide focuses on items that children in particular can really enjoy and have lots of fun with.

With the third and final movie coming out this December 2014 these toys and items are some of the hottest items around. Do start shopping early to avoid disappointment. The most popular characters from the movie are: Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit, Thorin Oakenshield the Dwarf, Gandalf the Wizard, Legolas the Elf and Smaug the Dragon. 

A Real Favorite Play Item is The Lights and Sounds Hobbit Toy Sword

Any child (or adult, for that matter) wanting to dress-up in costume as a Hobbit character such as Bilbo or Frodo Baggins really needs a toy sword to complete the look. And just on it's own, this safe plastic toy makes such a fun gift. So fun that we are looking to buy another one so we can have pretend duels!

Out of all the Middle Earth goodies that we have, it's this one that my daughter wants to play with the most. You can buy the sword on its own or you can also get the version we have (photo shown below) which has a matching scabbard that can be hung from a belt. Having the matching scabbard is pretty nice and especially good for dressing in costume for Halloween or a play occasion.

So, what does this toy do? Well apart from looking like the sword that Bilbo Baggins first acquires in the movie An Unexpected Journey (albeit a safer plastic version) it has an on/off switch which can enable some extra and rather fun effects.

One effect is to press a button which makes the sword glow blue which is a magical feature of the 'real' sword and it will stay blue for around 5 or 6 seconds until pressed again. My daughter enjoys pressing this most in the evening because the effect is a lot better in the dark. We are planning to take it trick or treating this year.

The second and even more fun feature is all the brilliant battle sounds that you get as you swish this toy around and have a play fight with it. The sounds are really awesome, react well to movement and are not too loud! It makes a really fun toy for kids who love dressing up or play fighting. You can learn more about this magical fantasy sword and see more items based on it on my Sting Sword Facts Page.

What Fan of The Hobbit Would Pass Up the Chance to Build their Own Little Home

Lego accomplished a really amazing feat when they produced the awesome Hobbit Hole Lego Set. It's the best Lego set I've ever encountered and both kids and adults love it! You can see an interior photo that I've supplied from the back of our completed set. This set is recommended from age 9. It's a really big set and it took my 6 year old and I a good 4 hours to make it. The instructions are really clear and good for this set, so a much older child could complete it themselves if they already have Lego building experience. Otherwise I'd recommend an adult to help. But you can imagine the sheer excitement of getting a set like this for Christmas or a birthday.

There are other sets for The Hobbit and also for The Lord of the Rings but, although it's not exactly an action set, this is the one which will be admired and loved the most once built. And it's the one that will be enjoyed most on display too. We bought the little Gandalf Arrives Lego set which is the wizard with his horse and cart to go along with this. It looks amazing.

Hobbit House Lego Set
Hobbit House Lego Set

Play Action Figure Hobbit Hero Box Set Ideal for Kids to Have Adventures With

Most kids enjoy their imaginary games that they invent with action figures. My daughter has the little Bilbo character which she loves to play with but I know she'd really enjoy some of the other characters too. This hero pack is a great way to get 5 popular figures from The Hobbit movies to have some fantastic adventures with. These are not quite 4 inches tall but all of the characters are very detailed, have moving arms and parts with 10 points of articulation and also weapons and other items added in. These make a great gift set.

The Bilbo Baggins action figure is very detailed and has his sword called Sting as well as a drinking vessel and backpack for his long journey. Thorin is another main character in the new Hobbit movies. He's the leader of the dwarves and is bound to be one of the most popular characters with kids. This is a great little version that comes with his 2 swords which are the sword called Orcrist (which he finds on the Hobbit adventure) and his own dwarven sword. You also get three other dwarves in this pack which are Fili, Kili and Dwalin.

The Bridge Direct Hobbit Hero Pack - Bilbo, Thorin, Dwalin, Kili and Fili 3.75" Figure Box Set

This boxed set of 3.75" scale action figures features 5 main heroic characters from The Hobbit film. Each figure contains up to 10 points of articulation and replicates the faci...

Only $69.99

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The Hobbit Mirkwood Hero Pack Set

Join Thranduil, Legolas, Tauriel, Fili & Kili from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug with this special Mirkwood Adventure box set for the avid collector. Each figure contains up t...

Only $129.0

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Cute Hobbit Plush Comes with 'Hairy' Hobbit Feet and His Little Sting Sword

There are a set of these little Hobbit and Lord of the Rings plush toys and they are very sweet indeed for children who love their cuddly toys. These 5 Inch play friends can accompany kids on all their fantasy adventures, even when napping on a long airplane or automobile journey or when asleep in bed.

Bilbo is in all 3 movies so is one of the favorite characters but you can also get a horrible looking Gollum plushie, Gandalf the Wizard as well as an Orc and Frodo which are from the previous movies. This one's cute. I love the fact they thought to add in the hairy and Hobbit-like feet detail as well as appropriate clothing and even a little version of Bilbo's sword called Sting.

Custom Hobbit Scrabble Game Set with Wood Tiles and Adventure Cards for a Bonus Twist on the Game

My daughter's not quite old enough to play this yet. She manages junior scrabble which she loves but this is based on the original scrabble board game so is aimed at age 8 and older. I hope it's still around in a couple of years so we can add it to our collection.

It's a very nice looking custom set with wood tiles and each O letter which has been changed to The One Ring from the movie which is a very neat enhancement. There are two ways to play this game: the original way of playing scrabble or with using the special included adventure cards instead. So it's more than just a themed board game set. This is a good one for families who enjoy playing board games and also something grandparents can enjoy with children too. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun choosing a great item as a gift.

Hobbit gift ideas for kids - a gift guide written by a fan and her young Hobbit mad daughter.
Hobbit gift ideas for kids - a gift guide written by a fan and her young Hobbit mad daughter.
Updated: 01/07/2019, Marie
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