Winter Riddles

by sheilamarie

Fun riddles to while away the wintry months. Have fun sharing these riddles with your family and friends.

Riddles are fun for kids and adults and are often a chance for kids to trick the grown-ups in their lives!

Riddles are also a way for kids to develop some higher thinking skills that they can transfer to other subjects they are learning.

This page has some riddles especially for winter. You can also explore with me some of the reasons riddles have such appeal.

Doggy Beard

Doggy Beard
Doggy Beard

Have a Laugh with Your Kids This Winter with Some Fun Riddles

Start Off the New Year with Riddle Fun

Do your kids like silly riddles? I can remember laughing hysterically over riddles as a young girl. My own children loved to tell jokes and riddles, too, to see if they could trick me. Riddles help stretch a child's thinking just enough to be fun. Having riddles to read can also motivate kids to improve their reading skills.

With these things in mind, I have written this page on fun riddles with a winter theme. I plan to add additional pages on fun riddles with different themes as I go.

I hope you and your kids will enjoy trying to trick each other and make each other laugh, too.

In which category will you find the land animal that is the wettest?

After you answer this riddle the name of the exact animal will appear, but try to think of its name first.
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The reindeer (Mammal)

Why does Nick insist on wearing his bunny slippers in the snow?

Think carefully, but the riddle's answer will appear after you vote.
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Because he thinks they're snow shoe hares.

Snow Smile

Smiling Snowman
Smiling Snowman

Why did the snowman get dressed up?

Answer to the riddle will appear after you vote.
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Because he was going to the snowball.

Snowman Couple

Snow Chat
Snow Chat

Here Are Some More Fun Riddles for Your Family to Enjoy

Kids' Riddles to Bring a Smile

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Riddles and Brain Teasers

For Adults and Kids
World's Greatest Riddles and Brain Te...
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The Everything Kids' Giant Book of Jo...
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Making Up Your Own Fun Riddles

Using Higher Order Thinking.

You and your children can make up your own fun riddles, as well. It may seem as if you are just playing around, but when children make up riddles, they are stretching their thinking skills.

Riddles use all kinds of skills useful in reading and writing. A riddle can use a metaphor. It can take properties of words, such as whether the word has more than one meaning, or whether it has a homonym ( a word that sounds like the first word but is spelled differently).

A good riddle always surprises. It gives you that "aha!" moment, a moment when you think to yourself, "I should have thought of that!" So the person writing the riddle has to be able to think of something in more than one way.

Because riddles make you laugh, they are a way to share the fun of language. And children who enjoy riddles will be eager to read a book of riddles. A little motivation can show a child that reading can be a fun thing to do.

Have You Ever Made Up a Riddle?

Recently? Last year? Last decade? Last Century?
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Riddles Aren't Just for Kids

And They Don't All Make You Groan (Like the Ones I Added Above!)

Riddles are actually a very ancient pastime for people who enjoy words. They also occasionally have had life or death consequences. Remember the Riddles of the Sphinx? Some very sophisticated riddles have been posed over the centuries to test the wits of those who cared to rise to the challenge.

The book above with the cover showing the funny looking brain with glasses is filled with this type of riddle. These riddles require some serious thought. Some of the answers may still strike you as funny, but they are usually a clever sort of funny rather than a funny ha ha.

Riddles of this type are useful for us over the hill types who need to keep our brains limber, but younger people would benefit from the mental gymnastics they pose as well.

Silly Joker

Funny Hat
Funny Hat

Riddle or Not, Here I Come

Be Kind to Your Fine Riddled Friends

So what do you think -- will you try to make up a riddle to share with someone? I know some riddles can be annoying after you've heard them a dozen times, but for the child telling it, that riddle may be brand new. And terribly funny.

Why did the snake lose his skin?

To get to the other hide. 

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Do You Like Fun Riddles?

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LizMac67 on 08/23/2014

Riddles are fun, but you have to be in the right mood, I think.

Marie on 01/05/2012

The riddles were fun to do!

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