Fun Things for Teens to Do This Summer

by katiem2

Schools out what's the fun thing for teens this summer? We have a fun list of things for teens to do this summer check it out!

There's nothing worse than a teen with nothing to do this summer. Summer time is a great time to unwind, recharge your battery and clear your head for the next year of academics. Since you and your parents have no doubt been busy studying and working we've done the leg work for you. Follow along as we look at the most fun things for teens to do this summer when it comes to kicking back and hanging with your friends.

Hanging Out - Free Style

While hanging out is fun there is always the need for money, so you may be interested in some summer money making ideas.

If you're into making some money this summer read fun ways for teens to make money this summer. If money is no object and you love relaxing and hanging with friends you may want to take up a cool new sport that's all inclusive.  Free style Frisbee is fun for both guys and girls.  Its a great way to hang out and interact with friends both new and old. 

It can be lame just hanging out doing nothing all the time.  You could be the coolest dude or chick in your circle of friends who teaches the others an amazing new game.  This puts you in a class all your own, the go to friend to hang with and have some laid back fun this summer.  

Boochie - The Fun Group Game

A Whole New Ball Game
Boochie is a new game giving you another opportunity to teach your friends a fresh new way of just hanging out and chilling.  Its a laid back game needing from 2 to 4 players. This allows others to chill and talk while alternating the teams playing.  This way there is never to much emphasis on the game, just laid back hang time. The playing time is short and sweet with little concentration needed requiring around 15 minutes to play each game.  This is a low commitment game perfect for summer time.  Its a twist on ring toss, or horse shoes if you will with four toss rings, four bean balls and four wrist trackers.   The target is 1 1/2 sided Boochie target, comes with a vinyl travel making it easy to toss over your back, on your bike or in your car taking it with you or hanging it in the garage for easy access at home. It has high gloss graphics and is made in the good ole U.S of A.
Summers here and you need a fun list of things for your daughter to do this summer that will keep both you and her happy and feeling good about your choices. We have the list of..

RingStix - The Great Date Game

RingStix is another cool new game for teens.

You're at a cross over stage, to young to play kids games and to old to set around just talking. Summer time is a great time for a little more complex interaction that both lets some steam off and connects you to the opposite sex without seeming creepy or lame.

RIngStix is a cool new outdoors game that will do just that, it takes two players and comes with 4 stix.  The games includes one red and one glow in the dark ring.  Its easy to learn play it alone or two people can play, making this a perfect date night hanging with your favorite girl or guy. This is a great ice breaker. You can also play this in a group if you want, its flexible.

This is a cool game.  You send the rings floating in air to the other person.  Its a cool more laid back take on frisbee.  You may want to go ahead and buy more than one set if you plan on playing this in groups, which you no doubt will want to.  This is one of those games every one wants to get involved with.

Stock Up Summer Fun

Okay now you have a collection of go to hanging with your friends and loving life games.

Stock up and be prepared to enjoy countless summer days and amazing summer evenings with your friends.  Be ready as you will be the popular go to teen for some hanging out and chilling fun this summer with these fun games in your hands.

Enjoy a Great and Fun Summer, Katie

If you wanna have fun this summer you know it takes money to do it. Learn how you can have fun and earn money right in your own home.
Summertime is a great time for family fun and bonding. Make sure your family's summertime is fun and memorable by creating fond memories using our guide to great summer fun.
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What's Fun to Do This Summer

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katiem2 on 03/21/2012

janices7, Glad you found this fun list of things for teens this summer. Cost effective and great fun. :)

janices7 on 03/21/2012

Fun park and yard game ideas. Hadn't heard of Boochie, but it looks really fun too.

katiem2 on 03/20/2012

Angel, Sounds good, we have a pool and hot tub, its a favorite for the girls friends to relax and hang out. Pools are great.

Angel on 03/19/2012

Great options for summer fun! We are hoping to get our pool installed over the next couple of months for lots of summer fun. Come on over and join us!

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