Fun Ways Teens Can Earn Money this Summer

by katiem2

If you wanna have fun this summer you know it takes money to do it. Learn how you can have fun and earn money right in your own home.

This is not the same old type of list you've read before where you're told to sell something! While you will get an idea as to how to do that I have some other cool tips to offer you that will easily work into your summer plans. Ideas leaving you as much time as you want for fun and freedom. So kick back and be ready to get motivated by some real-life strategies to line your pockets with some cold hard cash this summer.

Check out the list of money-making ideas.

A laid back summer creates a challenge to keep your teen busy and engaged while you're busy at work. Copy this great list of both fun and helpful things teens can do this summer.

Make Money Running Errands

A errands service is a great way for teens to make money this summer.

If you have a driver's license you can run errands using your car, if not a bike is perfect plus you can always walk, stay in shape and enjoy the summer weather.  Imagine all the useful errands you could run for working adults, the elderly, and stay home parents in your neighborhood.  Once you decide on the services make up a flier and deliver it to the area you want to target, consider the amount of distance you feel you want to travel.  

A-List of Errands for Drivers

 I'll Do the Heavy Lifting for You! - Your Catch Phrase and Sales Pitch - Save Money on Bulk Items

Pick up grocery items that are heavy and or bulky, things women might not like carrying such as kitty litter, dog food, cases of water, soft drinks, charcoal for grilling, potting soil, bags of mulch anything of that nature. This is a great niche. These are items every household needs on a regular basis and therefore can create a repeat service giving you a steady flow of income.  

You will want to consider young mothers with babies in the community as they often have needs they go without to avoid packing up and dragging their babies or toddlers out disrupting their schedules.  It's difficult for parents to do these chores but they have a long list of things they'd love to get done and pay you for doing so. 

Do keep in mind the elder members of the community as well.  Regardless of the clients you choose, do not take others in your car or vehicle as you would be liable for any damages that may occur, you should always avoid this never making exceptions.

Make arrangements with the client as to where and when you can drop these items off.    

Make Money With Bikes or Walkers

Regardless if you ride a bike or walk there are lots of errands you can run.

You will create a better list of services by asking adults you know what types of errands they would pay you to run, let them know you're doing research for summer work.  You may want to send out emails or make calls but give them time to think about it as they will come up with a better list if they sleep on it.  Arrange for a time to get back with those you call. 

You could also run grocery errands.  Get a bicycle basket for your bike and you'll be amazed at the things you can carry.  

Think about the stay home parents with young children who could benefit from a service like this.  I can't tell you the times I'd give my right arm for some items from the store if only I didn't have to pack up the kids and take them as well.  Let these parents know you're available to run errands.

Be reliable and respectful never questioning the items they ask you to pick up. If they need a box of twinkles and a bag of chips to get through a particularly difficult day don't question it or make any comments, just do it with a smile.  

Building trust with your clients will help them to trust you and use your services more. Remember what you buy for your customers should always remain confidential, you might want to include that in your sales pitch.  

For example; all jobs will remain top secret, we can smuggle in junk food without the kids knowing it!   Make sure you do that, if you have a cell phone call the client letting them know you're in the driveway with the delivery.

A bicycle basket you and the entire family can make good use of as you have fun, run errands, saving money on gas and help the environment. Check out these great bike baskets

Learn the Stock Game and Earn Money

There is always an advantage in learning about finances, if interested learn how to buy and sell stocks.

Host classes for ambitious teens by introducing them to the world of finance and making money grow.  

There are a few really good board games that teach you the insider secrets of the trade.

Enjoy playing games this summer with friends all the while building your money-making potential to new heights.  

You may find yourself investing the earnings from your summer job in the stock market.

Let those attending know there is a small entrance fee to pay for resources.  This can be a one-time fee and thereafter they can supply snacks etc. 

Money Making Pet Sitting Service

Arranging to look in on neighbors pets, feeding and caring for them in their own home is a huge comfort to pet owners and one they'll be happy to pay you well for..

Get Started With a Pet Setting Service

Communication is key to cornering the market as the best pet sitter in town and doing so may cause the pet's family to add bonus tips or gifts to your fee.  Provide those you are sitting for with your cell phone number.  Offer to share Snapchat users and let them know you will provide them with videos of their beloved pet(s) while they are away. Videos are a big plus. This alone is priceless as it takes away the stress and worry of the pet owner.  If they do not have Snapchat offer to show them how. 

  1. Pet owners have to pay kennels a lot of money to keep their pets in a cage for days with other loud upset pets missing their owners and the comforts of home. Any pet owner will tell you they'd much rather take their pets with them when they travel or leave them at home.  
  2. It is hard for adults to work up the nerve to ask a family member or friend to watch over their pet one more time while their away.  You can remove this stress by offering a pet sitting service this summer.  
  3. Make up a flyer or card to hand out to your neighbors.  Go door to door explaining to them about the service you're offering, asking them if they have a pet. This gives you the opportunity to know who your client is by eliminating people who don't have pets.  
  4. If they do ask to meet their pet. This gives you the chance to show the pet owner you love animals and that their pet bonds with you.
  5. Keeping a pet at home is less stressful for the pet owner and pet. Plus it saves them money as boarding costs are high.  
  6. Do your homework. Have a safety plan and outline your awareness of pet safety and that keeping their pet safe in their home is of the utmost importance to you.
  7. Most pet owners will tell you their biggest fear is that a pet sitter may let their pet out and get lost. Take every precaution to eliminate any possibility of this.

The Services to Offer - Be careful to take note of the pet owner's instructions, each pet is unique and requires the care outlined by the pet owner.

The Variety of Pets 

  • Fish Feeding - People with fish tanks need their fish fed and looked after.
  • Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Birds, Rabbits, Turtles all need care, food, and water.

Building your reputation as a great pet caretaker will spread like wildfire and soon you will be enjoying a very fun and rewarding summer making a good flow of money.

Be careful to save your money. You no doubt will enjoy spending it and yet you will do well to develop a habit of saving. This makes certain you always have money saved and stocked up earning you interest and allowing you to pay for anything that comes up.

Summers here and you need a fun list of things for your daughter to do this summer that will keep both you and her happy and feeling good about your choices. We have the list of..

Money Opportunities with Parents

The family dynamic is your greatest support group, family, parents and the like want to see you do well and learn the power of a dollar, how to earn money and succeed.

Regardless if you're a parent or teen reading this there's one quick way to start a fight between you, that's your room!  Am I right?  

Do your parent's veins pop out their neck and head when they walk into your room?  Or do they avoid it at all costs?  This is not good because it could mean they have given up on you. This is something you don't want to happen and yet if it has far too many times, so let's end the madness.  I'm going to teach you one killer way to work it to your advantage.

You can score some major points with your parents redeeming yourself and your wallet. Let's move on to learn how your messy bedroom can earn you pocket money for fun in the summer! But first, we take a look at the best way to earn money this summer by providing an age-old service every adult will love.

Clean your room, organize the items that no longer spark joy, and drop them off at places like Plato's Closet, they buy used clothes. Half-Priced books will buy your books. Old childhood toys can be sold to Once Upon a Child or other consignment stores in your area. Or donate items to charity.

It's Summer, schools out and you need fun ideas for teen girls. We've got a great and safe web page you're gonna love.

Why Bother? To Take Charge of Your Future

Taking charge of your financial future is the most important step any teen can make.

Taking charge of your life and showing independence feels good, it as after all that you want right, your freedom and independence?  You want to do what you want to do am I right?  The reality of this is it takes money!  Learning to earn money is hands down one of the most vital skills you will ever learn.  It's really hard for parents because they know as long as they keep handing money and things over to you, you won't learn to provide for yourself and succeed in life.  They want you to succeed and have what it takes to earn the money you need.

Let's devise our plan to do just that!  You have the entire summer off and unless you want the parents putting you to work you might want to come up with your own plan.  I have a plan to make you both happy.  

Oh yea, you heard me both you and your parents will be happy about this little project.  You can get it over during the beginning of you're summer vaca and be on the way to enjoying one sweet summer with your parent's blessing.  This really is a fun way to earn money, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this money-making venture.

It Takes Money

This is the time to express yourself, show some direction so you are taken seriously and others notice your ambition and skills

It's called overhaul your life, makes some cash doing it, and makes your pad sweet in the process.  Getting rid of a lot of junk in your room is half the battle, no really more like 75%. Think about it, are you cool with having you and your friends hang out in there?  Listen, your room is the pre-tune to your life.  However, your room looks right now speaks volumes as to what kind of person you're going to be. If you're a dude, ladies will not be into you if you're a bum in the bedroom department. The same thing goes for you chicks, guys will be thinking you're gross if your room is gross.  This doesn't just apply to the opposite sex, you gain credit from your friends by stepping up and owning your life, being a boss.  This may go viral, hey you may want to enlist the help of your friends as they too will want to do this. Start a podcast about the value of owning your life, your future and create youtube videos. 

Schools out what's the fun thing for teens this summer? We have a fun list of things for teens to do this summer check it out!

Your Reputation and Money

What do you want your reputation to say about you, are you a bum, cheap person, poor minded individual?

Let's face it you have a reputation to create and uphold.  The money your parents earn is in no way yours.  Your job is to learn to make your own money. The sooner you do that the more empowered you will be and the more impressive you will be to those who matter.

You may not be able to control what type of house you live in yet, but you can control what type of a room you live in now, and what you do about your room sets the foundation for what you do in life.

Being a slacker is contagious and something you don't want to take hold of in your life, slacker does not equal success. Enough of the pep talk let's get down to the plan of action.

Open your mind and let your free-spirited thinker out as we're about to move into the action plan for lining your pockets with some cash to provide for summer fun and activities you love. Plus overhauling your image.

An Easy Way to Make Cash

The best most easy way for you to earn money is right under your nose, yes money making opportunities are right in your own home..

Your parents have no doubt mentioned the tons of stuff around the house they'd like to get rid of.  Is your house a mess, do you have that secret room, basement, or place no one is allowed in as far as company?  Maybe it's your bedroom, regardless there's a gold mine in those rooms messy or not. Almost everyone has too much stuff. The reason parents don't clean it up is they don't have time.  They would if they just had the time, well guess what, you have the time. Come up with a plan for them to get rid of all the clutter in the house, that's a win-win.

Tell your parents you will go through the house gathering and cleaning up the things they no longer want, putting a price sticker on them and organizing them in a designated place for a big yard sale early this spring. Or sell it using an online app. The deal is for every item you clean up, and tag, you get the money. You will organize, manage and supervise the sale, cleaning up after by taking anything left to those donation boxes. This will make your parents very happy as they can imagine the benefits. The biggest thing getting in the way of a great-looking home is having it packed with too much stuff!

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A Money Making Plan of Action

This is one money making project your parents will gladly support.

List of Benefits - The Reasons For Your Parents Should Say Yes

  • The house will get cleaned up and look great for summer gatherings etc.
  • Finally, you're showing responsibility and ambition, the one thing every parent knows every kid needs to succeed in life.
  • The parents won't wonder about what you're doing with your time as they know about your killer plan.
  • If your parents are hard-nosed about it the reason is no doubt they don't believe you will actually follow through with it.  You must prove yourself so go ahead and start with your room.  Get some boxes, you can find many behind stores on the stock day, or buy them at the UPS store, etc.
  • Start taking everything out of your room you don't want and put price tags on them.  Stack the boxes neatly in the hallway outside your room so you don't get overwhelmed with stuff and your parents can see you're serious.
  • Make a point to ask if it's okay to sell a few things as you go through the contents of your room, this earns trust with your parents as they learn you won't get rid of anything important without asking them first. 
  • Make your room look as good as possible along the way and invite your parents in to take a look.  This will get them excited about the possibility of actually getting the house G'd up!
  • Stay motivated, get this done as quickly as possible, fun awaits!

Review Your Money Strategy

Being organized is very important when it comes to raking in the cash and managing it getting the most bang for your buck.
  • Talk with your parents about the plan
  • Buy price stickers, collect boxes and clear an area to stack the boxes of sales items
  • Call around to borrow tables and clothes hanging racks, ask someone who has yard sales annually as they should have the stuff you may borrow and tips to help you succeed. 
  • Start thinking about the date you plan to have the sale decide for sure once done pricing
  • Write your yard sale ad for submission to Craigslist, add a basic list of items to let shoppers know what you will be selling. People have certain items in mind when they shop so it's vital to let them know or they may pass your sale up.  
  • Make the signs
  • Get coolers ready and start buying bottled water and soda's buy what's on sale to increase your earnings.
  • Get your money box ready with someones, fives, and change.  
  • Park all the cars outside the garage the night before the sale, set up the tables that fit inside the empty garage, and fill them with products, this saves time getting things out the next morning.  
  • If you were lucky enough to borrow a rolling clothes rack, fill that and have it ready to.
  • Set up the remaining tables you have and fill them with products.
  • When people show up say hi let me know if you have any questions.  
  • Many people like to talk you down on your prices, be prepared 


Summertime is a great time for family fun and bonding. Make sure your family's summertime is fun and memorable by creating fond memories using our guide to great summer fun.

Cash for Fun

This gives you money making potential for many summer activities.

Organize tables to set in the driveway for a well-organized sale, this pulls people into your yard sale and makes it easier for them to see the merchandise.  This is a great opportunity to let your organizational skills soar, really show em what you've got.  

The neater and better organized your merchandise is the more people will be willing to pay for it and buy more of it.  So put some effort into this, you get out of it what you put into it. 

The Table Set Up, The Price Stickers, The Signs

Ever wonder what really goes on at school, all the secret details you get the feeling your kid is not telling? Learn how you can get the scoop on whats really going on...

You can ask around to borrow tables from family, neighbors and friends.

Tables can be a good investment as well run it by your parents to see if they want to purchase a few tables for family get togethers, graduation parties and such.
Coleman Pack-Away Folding TableLifetime Prod. Inc. 4435 4' Fold-in-H...
Only $74.99

Prep for Sales

The better your set up and merchandise looks the more money you will make.
  • Be sure to clean the items you plan to sell making them look top-notch, you get more money for things that look good.  
  • You can use pre-priced tags like those to the right if you like or buy them blank adding your own prices.  
  • Color coding them helps keep track of who's and gets the profit from any particular sale. Keep a notebook handy to write down the amounts sold per person as sold.
  • Don't use tape or stickers that will be hard for the customer to remove, no one wants an item with a permanent or hard to remove price sticker, the stickers below are easy to remove.
Pancakes are a kid friendly food they love to eat and can easily learn to make themselves. Learn how to make the kid favorite snow angel pancakes today.

Your Marketing Plan

The magic is also in the advertising, follow these easy advertising steps to make the most money.
  • Make five or six good signs to advertise your yard sale.  
  • Pick a date everyone involved can agree on and stick to it.  
  • Hammer the signs to ground stakes and place one at the end of your street with arrows pointing in the right direction, this is important as drivers are more likely to stop if they see arrows pointing them easily in the direction of the sale. Add the remaining signing on the streets naturally leading to yours.
  • Place a free ad on Craiglist, but do not include your phone number.  All you need do is advertise when and where, the times and days plus a list of items to be sold.  This brings traffic to your sale and increases your earnings a great deal.
  • Plus, Have a few big coolers packed with bottles of water and soda on ice and sell them for $1.00 or $1.50, you will make a huge profit from these cold beverages.  Stick to bottled drinks, people feel safe about buying these. 
  • Once you lay this plan out share it with your parents, showing them you mean business and can take charge of this plan is what  they need and should be thrilled to support your efforts

A Lucrative Summer

A clean comfortable home makes summer better.

You and your parents will feel good about it. Everyone will be more inclined to relax and enjoy summer having friends over for laid-back fun.

It takes money to do anything in life, there's no reason to set around bored all summer long bumming because you're broke.

Find creative ways to earn money, this is a great start. The most successful people in life are ambitious, let your ambition fly.

Enjoy your own money-making home improvement project today and be ready for summer, it is just around the corner.

Enjoy Your Success, Katie

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Making Money With A Truck

If your family has a truck and you have a license you could earn a great income hauling things off for neighbors.

Lets face it people have stuff or junk they want to get rid of and time is of the utmost importance. As we've discussed adults and home owners just don't have enough time in each day to get done what they want.  If you have access to a truck you could utilize it to haul things off people either don't have the time to do or the truck to do it with. Make a flier letting people know you are providing this service, deliver them to areas you are interested in working.  Find out where the local yard waste and materials collection location is in your community.  This is a place allowing you to dump yard waste, concrete, bricks and other building materials for recycling.  There is usually no fee to do so.  Call to learn about all the types of items they accept and the times they are open for dumping.  Then create your services and schedule around this resource. Always be respectful to the coordinators or workers of these facilities, ask them where things go and let them know your there to learn from them and respect them.  Now put your plan into action with your flier.

For Example Add;

The youth in our community is currently offering removal services of unwanted items you need to get rid of, people love supporting inspiring and hard working youth.

What We Do

Remove furniture or appliances from your home and place them at the curb for trash pick up.

Remove yard debris, tree branches, old fencing, bricks, paves or other material you have stacked up around your home and would like to have it removed. Only include materials your local facility accepts.

Special Note:The easy truck unloader below is an item you will want to invest in for this type of service as it will cut your work load drastically making this type of job very manageable and easy.  Check it out!

A simple light weight product easy to install and easy to remove yet unloads a full load on any pick-up easily with one hand. So easy even a girl can do it!
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katiem2 on 05/21/2013

Mira, Thanks Mira, Glad you found this page helpful.

Mira on 05/20/2013

This article was packed with so many useful tips! I really enjoyed it.

katiem2 on 03/11/2012

Chris, This is one of my favorite ways for teens to make money, I'm encouraging my 15 year old to do this very thing this spring and summer. Thanks

Chris on 03/11/2012

I'd love for my teen to clean up the house of all the useless stuff we have. I'd give him every single dime gladly, a lot of other great money making ideas, book marking this for my son.

katiem2 on 03/07/2012

Cyndi, This is a great summer money maker for any teen who loves animals. Enjoy your summer :)

Cyndi on 03/07/2012

I'm so going to do the pet setting thing, great idea wicked cool

katiem2 on 03/06/2012

Angel, If you live near a grocery store and in a suburban area running errands would be perfect. We live in a relatively big city with a grocery store, Kohls, Office Max, Chinese restaurant, all practically in our back yard, neighbors love paying the kids to run errands for them, picking up odds and ends. It's also something the kids enjoy doing, My 13 year old loves doing this, plus she pet sets for neighbors checking on their pets, feeding them and such while their on vacation and or away for the weekend. Its a better option for many to keep their pets at home rather than the vet pet care, which is stressful and cost much much more.

Angel on 03/06/2012

Very good ideas for teens to make money. I have a 12 year old that wants to work this summer and we are trying to figure out what things he can do to make money. Other than things around our house. He wants a job outside of the home and not so sure that will be easy at 12 years old.. hmmm.. let me know if you have any ideas.

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