A List of Things to Keep Teens Busy This Summer

by katiem2

A laid back summer creates a challenge to keep your teen busy and engaged while you're busy at work. Copy this great list of both fun and helpful things teens can do this summer.

As the summer months quickly approach we parents need a plan to coordinate our sons and daughters down time. Included with the list of fun things for teens to do this summer is an additional list of things teens should and can do to become more productive members of the family. Life skills is a lesson most all of us need to learn as it doesn't always come naturally. The main idea explored here today is one helping teens to appreciate their carefree youth and freedom by taking a good hard look at the responsibilities in day to day life. By highlighting all the things we must do in life teens will appreciate their youth more and be inspired to be more ambitious.

Things to Do on Summer Break

Fun Thing For Teens To Do This Summer Break.

Summer time is upon us and before you know it the kid’s will be home. The one thing you don’t want to hear from them is, “I’m bored!” My Grandma used to say, “Smart kids don’t get bored, they always find something to do.” It sounded good when she said it ... and so I’ve got a great list of fun things for your teen to do over the summer.

You don't want to be pulling your hair out and you do want you kids to have fun and participate in the family dynamics and day to day routine.


Schools out what's the fun thing for teens this summer? We have a fun list of things for teens to do this summer check it out!

A Plan for Teens and Summer

The family is a community with each member needing to do their part to help out the community.

My advice is to post a list of ideas somewhere around the house for your teens to check out anytime they need something to do.

PLUS, include a list of chores they are expected to do.

The objective is to send teens a message to think for themselves, make choices and realize that free time is a gift, a pleasure that should be appreciated.

The list is to get them thinking both about fun and relaxing activities while considering all the work required to support a home.

Post both list and include, "here are your options when you need something to do."

Note: To support the list shop for items they will need and have them handy in a specified area. Anytime your kid catches you off guard with the, “I have nothing to do” this list or one you create will keep you loaded with a simple come back! Ah Ha a Plan!

PLUS: Do keep a copy of this list because until the kiddos learn it ain’t going anywhere, it will turn up missing.

Remember, in life reward comes from effort!

Helpful Quote

  • You have to do,
  • What you have to do,
  • To get to do,
  • What you want to do
Summers here and you need a fun list of things for your daughter to do this summer that will keep both you and her happy and feeling good about your choices. We have the list of..

A List of Things for Teens Summer

The best way to keep teens active and involved in productive enriching activities is to have a written plan of action.


Things to Enjoy
Doing Your Part
1) Take pictures outdoors and create a portfolio
1) Wash and put away dishes
2) Have a picnic in your yard.
2) Do a load of laundry/put away
3) Have a fashion show with hair and makeup.
3) Vacuum
4) Learn to braid hair
4) Dust
5) Weave or braid bracelets to sel
5) clean the windows
6) Volunteer at an animal shelter
6) Clean up after your pets.
7) Learn to play guitar or other instrument
7) Clean your bathroom!
8) Give your dog a bath
8) Clean the garage.
9) Plant a vegetable garden
9) Weed the garden



More Fun Things for Teens

Having a List to Fall Back on Prevents Stress and Arguments
10) Make a salad for dinner
10) Set the table for dinner
11) Make a mix CD and Video
11) Sweep sidewalks and deck
12) Make a list of goals
12) Work on your goals
13) Make fresh lemon aid
13) Wash and fold a load of towels
14) Take a group of kids to a movie
14) Clean out the fridge
15) Make a grocery list for shopping
15) Organize the cupboards
16)Create a camp grounds in back yard
16) Weed the flower beds
17) Organize a block party cook out
17) Clean all the mirrors
18) Create a work out routine
18) Pack away winter clothes
19) Design cool art on your clothes
19) Gather all sharpies
20) Go to the library
20) sweep and mop the kitchen
21) Draw a family portrait
21) Clean out the bath tub
22) Play in the sprinklers
22) Clean up the back yard
23) Set up citronella lamps for camping
23) Organize your backyard tent.
24) Go to lunch with your parents
24) Wash your parents car
25) Play the radio and dance
25) Organize your closet

A List of Things for Teen

Having a list of things for teens to do this summer gives both you and your teens a great deal of ideas and responsibilities.
26) Make a veggie tray for dinner
26) Clean out the microwave
27) Make a fun YouTube video
27) Organize the magazines
28) Download your pictures on your PC
28) Email relatives pics.
29) Write a play, poem or short story
29) Organize your sock drawer
30) Rehearse the play
30) Organize and fold the socks
31) Make sets for the play
31) Clean off the kitchen table
32) Create music videos
32) Clean the kitchen counters.
33) Perform a talent show for parents
33) Make your bed
It's Summer, schools out and you need fun ideas for teen girls. We've got a great and safe web page you're gonna love.

Teens and Summer Jobs

Does your teen understand the value of a buck and how to earn it?

We all know it takes money Money MONEY to do or have ANYTHING! Well we adults know this and there is nothing more frustrating than to be busy and overwhelmed with life, debts and taxes only to add a teen at our heals with their hand out like were some sort of endless ATM machine.

It is for this reason I put a dollar amount on many of the chores. I add things I would normally do and add a higher payment to these jobs.

This gives the older kids more incentive to work hard. I also have a bonus paid at the end of each week for the kid who works the hardest and does the best quality work going above and beyond.

This also builds ambition, lets face it our kids need to develop a good healthy dose of ambition. Without ambition you do nothing and therefore have nothing.

This is all to help teens realize wanting without doing does not pay off in real life.

Much Love and Success, Katie

If you wanna have fun this summer you know it takes money to do it. Learn how you can have fun and earn money right in your own home.
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katiem2 on 01/19/2014

Pam, Great Idea! When he looks at if out of sheer annoyance it will imprint on his brain and you will later find him do many things on the list without thinking ... :)

dustytoes on 12/14/2013

I'm posting this to my "Teen Boys" Pinterest board. When my kids would tell me they were bored, I would say, "hey, I have something for you to do - empty the dishwasher (or other household chore" and they quit complaining about being bored pretty quickly! ;)

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