Cooking Fun for Kids - Snow Angel Pancakes

by katiem2

Pancakes are a kid friendly food they love to eat and can easily learn to make themselves. Learn how to make the kid favorite snow angel pancakes today.

Snow Angel Pancakes are a time honored tradition in our home. I have two wonderful daughters. We've enjoyed cooking together from the time they were old enough to set on the counter and help mix and add ingredients.

Pancakes, flapjacks or johnny cakes are a kids favorite and for good reason. Making pancakes is a great food kids will enjoying cooking all of their lives. There's a lot of room for creativity when it comes to making pancakes. Follow along as I share with you the fun tasty recipe for snow angel pancakes.

Pancakes Kids Favorite Food

Pancakes have always been a fun favorite for kids.

We have a pancake tradition in our house.  We've made our own syrup in the classroom, collecting the sap from maple trees and slowly boiling it down to honest to goodness maple syrup.  The wonderful life experiences and fond childhood memories are endless when it comes to pancakes.  

One of our favorite pancake traditions is snow angel pancakes.  Each time we get snow fall we make snow angel pancakes to fuel up with lots of energy to play in the snow. 

Plus it a time tradition honoring the snow fall and great snow angels we make from it.

The challenge is to make these only when it snows. But they are really tasty and it's hard. Basically you use any good pancake mix. We make homemade pancakes for these.



Prep time 5 min  -  Total time 20 min
Ingredients for 6 servings
2 cups self rising flour tossed in a mixing bowl  • I egg cracked open landing in the mix.  • 1 teaspoon vanilla  • 2/3 cup of milk  • Cooking spray to coat the griddle of skillet  • Powdered sugar  • Real Butter

Blend Lightly

Blend Lightly

After adding the eggs, vanilla and milk to the flour mix lightly, this maintains a nice fluffy pancake. If the mix is thick add a bit more water or milk till it's a good pouring consistency.

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Snow Angel Pancakes

Have fun making silly shapes and sizes pouring the batter onto a hot buttered griddle. We use ONLY real butter.

As the angel cakes come off the griddle spread with more real butter and sprinkle with powdered sugar eating while hot, but not burning little mouths.

Once you taste these you'll realize the magic in them. Let the cravings begin and see if you can eat these delicious pancakes only when it snows.

You may no doubt ever stop craving this delicious combination of winters bliss.

How to Burn off The Pancakes

Then it's off to have fun sledding or building snow men. There is no need to worry about the calories because you will burn them off playing in the snow. Every time the weather calls for snow my kids get so excited about making snow angel pancakes. They adore this amazing tradition and so do I.

Traditions or rituals are a great way to build lasting bonds between you and your kids. Enjoy these delicious pancakes even if you don't have snow.  Its snowing somewhere? My kids found away around the only when it snows rule. If they notice it is snowing in another state we make them in honor of that state.  The weather channel may become a more popular channel in your house!

Enjoy, Katie

Updated: 03/01/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/30/2017

Margielynn, You never get to old for fond memories.

Guest on 10/27/2017

I love this, I have always done special foods with my grandkids, now they have all grown up!

katiem2 on 04/09/2012

pawpaw, Kids and adults alike love these pancakes.

pawpaw on 04/08/2012

Great idea, and a great way to make memories.

katiem2 on 03/11/2012

Angel, Hope you enjoyed a great pancake breakfast with the family on a relaxing Sunday morning, I agree nothing better.

Angel on 03/10/2012

Oh so good. These look great Katie. So glad you shared your recipe. I just printed and will have Big Daddy fix this for all of us tomorrow morning. Nothing like pancakes on Sunday morning. My 3 year old calls them panty cakes.. LOL... He was just looking at the computer and screaming Panty cakes are on the computer!

katiem2 on 03/10/2012

2uesday, oh the lemon pancakes sound amazing, I'm so hungry for pancakes now.

katiem2 on 03/10/2012

Thanks Miaden, Writing it made me want snow angel pancakes and now that I'm back reading your comment I want them again, haven't had them yet, but... maybe after I work out.

Mladen on 03/10/2012

Oh, these Snow Angel Pancakes look delicious! No doubt they are kids favorite food. I must try it! Why did I read it on empty stomach??? BRB! :)
Great recipe, Katie!

katiem2 on 03/10/2012

kinworm, go ahead give them a go this weekend they are so simple and yet taste amazingly complicated. Enjoy and thanks for commenting.

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