Wall Decals For Childen's Room

by katiem2

Introducing easy to apply wall decals for any home decorating taste. The cheap and easy wall art that looks like a professional artist did it plus it's simple to remove.

Thinking about painting a room and yet as you research it realize what a big task this can be?

You're right it can be a really big task and yet I'm about to share some really cool wall art decals that will blow your mind.

There is something about script written messages that both inspire and look amazing. That is what your home is all about right, making you and those you welcome into it feel good right?

Alternatives to Painting a Child's Room

Learn the much easier option to decorating a child's room other than painting with easy to use decals.

You're on target thinking about freshening up your home with a nice new coat of paint but then what will you do with it.

Think about wall decals they are so versatile and insanely cheap.  

You can go with classy, artsy or whimsical play for your children.  

I feel in love with wall art when my daughter and I got into it.   

Decals Vs. Faux Painting

WOW it has that fashion pop that really makes your home stand out.  Follow along with me today as I show case some amazing wall art in an easy to apply and remove decal form.  Plus it will not hurt your paint so you can mix it up any time you want a change with little work and no commitment as I said they're easy to remove.

Wall Decals for Kids

There are Many Great Cororful and Pastel Wall Decals for Girls Bedroom, Bathroom or Playroom that make decorating fun.

These amazing trees are the decals that got me started on my happy wall decal decorating experiences.  

My daughter loves the trees and feel in love with these warm and happy colors.  This has girl all over it, plus it gives way to many magical and creative moments.  

A bedroom with these additions adds so much to story time and play dates.  

I can't tell you how many kids excitedly told their Moms about the amazing art my daughter has in her room.  They too had to have it.  In fact I can tell you how many Mom's didn't hear about it, 0!  It's a big hit and so easy.  

Gone are the days of paying lots of money for faux painting and professional art work.  

While that's all fine and wonderful, I myself paid to have someone paint my daughters room, it's very costly and the kids grow tired of it.  

I'll never forget the day my daughter asked me if we could quote, "get rid of it", end quote.  I was shattered,

I had it professionally done and well lets face it it cost a lot.  It was hard for me to consider but I knew I had to.  

Wall art allows you to let your kids dreams run rampid, change and grow and change their rooms easily without much cost or effort. 

Find Your Perfect Wall Decals Here


Simple and Easy Wall Decals

These peel and stick decals are easy to apply and remove.

These mesmerizing wall decals are very simple to apply, you just peel and stick.  The wall decals are removed as easily.  You peel the decals from the wall and preposition them if you want to apply them else where or remove them altogether.

Enjoy creating many fond childhood memories as you and your child share this special activity as it will both inspire and touch you.

Happy Wall Decal Fun, Katie

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Decorating Ideas for a Child's Room

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katiem2 on 10/19/2015

NEH82, Sure happy to hear from you and oh yes wall decals are a lot of fun, easy to apply and remove and yes the cost is very affordable.

NEH82 on 10/19/2015

Thank you, love wall decals -- so easy to apply and great when you can move them about and reuse them. Generally excellent value too.

katiem2 on 01/24/2012

Carole, They are very cool you should give them a try I'm sure you'll love wall decals.

katiem2 on 01/24/2012

Good to hear that Angel, I love them so easy, affordable and fun.

Carole on 01/23/2012

These are beautiful, I'd love some in my room too:O)

Angel on 01/23/2012

These are so cool. I just purchased some for our bathroom. I have not put them up yet but they look easy to apply. Great article.

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