Have Fun At Choosing Funny Fathers Day Gifts

by mihgasper

Father's Day is a gift giving day when millions of fathers will get funny cards and other more or less unique gifts. Some are useful, others just cool.

The third Sunday of June is the day of honoring our dads, stepdads, granddads, ... and an occasion to show how original we can be. Unfortunately here comes the difficult part. It is much harder to find a great gift for daddy than for a mommy or a kid or even a significant other.

Some of the experts actually claim Father's Day is the hardest of all gift giving occasions. The good news is we can approach the problem with humor and if we can't find anything really useful, we can still present something funny. Everybody can use a good laugh from time to time, right?

It is interesting to compare gifts for Father's and Mother's Day. Presents for moms are on average from 30 to 50 percent more expensive and this includes treats like going out and pumpering with different leisure activities. On one hand it seems a father needs less (barbecue somehow suits him better than a fancy dinner, you give him one flower instead of a bouquet, ...), on the other they are much more demanding (just try to find better hammer than he already has!).

Statistics show about one third of greeting cards (the most popular present on Father's Day) are humorous and other popular gifts are increasingly going into this direction as well. After all, how many tools can you give to somebody who already has everything a living person can imagine?

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Funny fathers day gag gifts

There are many more or less useful funny presents available and they are aiming at different directions. Some of them are witty, others plain rude, but all of them can in appropriate situation serve as ice breakers and help to get people in the right mood. Here are few ideas to start with.

Example of funny Father's Day gift

Grilling is for big boys only

Big Mouth Toys The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Grilling is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. With The Grill Sargeant BBQ Apron the mission doesn't look impossible anymore.

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With The Grill Sargeant BBQ Apron the mission doesn't look impossible anymore. It's available in a camouflage pattern, has numerous pockets of various sizes, a built in can opener (!) and it definitely looks like the ultimate gift for the most awesome dad in the world. Did we mention it holds six bottles at the same time too?

We love this funny gift for fathers and it is not useful only on the date of Fathers Day. Not just because it proves the real man's place is always in the line of fire, just behind the grill. Nope, it's also kind of a gift which opens a whole new horizon of possibilities for series of related gag gifts in the future. Here is one ...

A fish and bottle openers in one!

Bass Fish Belt Buckle & Bottle Opener Enameled

Who can honestly say his secret wish is not a belt buckle in the shape of fish?

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Not any kind of fish, it's a bass, actually, a trophy fish which posses super powers just like every cool dad does. Yep, the buckle - did we mention, it's pretty large, some would even claim it's over-sized, what is just another prove of size DOES matter theory? - is a bottle opener at the same time. As somebody already mentioned in the comment section below the product, you will need some time to adjust. It's not on the list of basic skills to open your belt, if you want to open a bottle, but it's still a fish keeping your pants up. How better this could be?

More funny fathers' day gifts

Not every dad drinks from the bottle, but each one can use a decent mug and our next suggestion is exactly that - funny coffee mugs are sure winners. Even dad who don't drink coffee would like to have one or even a few of these on their tables, maybe to put few pencils in or whatever they have to put in, or maybe just to mark their territories. Did you notice dads do that all the time?

The best thing at these cool coffee mugs is the ability of personalization. On the already made design you just enter your father's name and message you want to print on. Maybe you don't see him as the best dad (after all you don't know all dads in the world, don't you?), and maybe awesome suits him better?

Personalized mugs are a big hit in recent years and customization of gifts is probably the most obvious trend in the industry of gifts. So you'll probably won't be surprised to see on our list another extremely popular product, a regular guest of top ten or top twenty lists - a personalized t-shirt

If you ever wanted to know how to design a t-shirt, your wish just came true. As you can see, the shirts on the picture already have designs, but are totally customizable, what means you can change picture and text with your original idea. Now it's time to show your brilliant imagination and unique sense of humor.

Every technical detail is taken care of, print will come in best possible quality and will be not washed out after few machine washes. But if you are o.k with already made design, just enter the name of your dad and the gift is ready to be printed - just one, the only one in the world, just like your daddy is.

Which of the funny gifts for Father's Day is your favorite?

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Which of the funny gifts for Father's Day is your favorite?
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mihgasper on 08/31/2023

You are right:-) I guess it's more about the image!

DerdriuMarriner on 06/17/2023

The apron appears crowd- and dad-pleasing in its camouflage colors and patterns -- for those who like fishing and hunting -- and in its practicality.

But mightn't it be a bit inconvenient and uncomfortable having those cans around the upper body, which is close to what's being grilled?

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