Cool Gadget Gifts for Women

by squidooprincess2012

Gadget Gift Ideas for Women - Surprise your mom, girlfriend, or wife with a cool gadget present. Shop and discover these cool gizmos that's sure to impress.

We often associate gadgets as gifts for men. But gadgets know no gender, so they are for everyone to enjoy. Besides, we live in exciting times where new technologies are born season after season. So what is there to do? Enjoy the convenience, of course!

If you make a quick visit to the nearest appliance store, you'll discover new gadgets that the previous generations could only imagine. For instance, a few years ago, touch screen was only in our head, but look what our TV, cellphones, and tablets have become. They're literally at the "tip of our fingers."

So if you want to put a smile on your mother, girlfriend, wife, or lady friend on any occasion, give her something unexpected. Give her a gadget.




For a gracious hostess, there's nothing more exciting than opening a bottle of wine to celebrate a special occasion. But admit it, this is something that most of us find challenging. And worse, if you don't screw or twist it right, disastrous things can happen.

So if you're feeling a little generous, this electric wine opener is the perfect gift for a generous hostess. The next time a friend of yours invites her to her party at home, or just for lunch or a simple dinner, wrap this gift in the most elegant way possible. It'll be your ticket to unlimited invites to fabulous parties and dinner.

And oh, this comes with three freebies. But I won't tell you what they are. You're gonna have to find out by yourself. Wink!

Some men are used to being massaged by their wife. But this Valentine's Day (or on any occasion for that matter), why not surprise your wife with a hand massager?

This hand massager from Breo is touted to be "the first of its kind." It aims to relax the nerves and the soothes tired muscles through a system called acupressure, or the combination of hot compress and air pressure.

This makes a great present for women who rely on their hands to work all day. It can be from typing reports, washing, or any kind of work that involves the hands.

It is also portable and can run on battery, so this nifty machine can be brought anywhere.

Isn't this the cutest speaker system you've ever seen? No? It's cute anyway.

Kidding aside, this koala speaker turns heads the moment you put it on. It works very well with your laptop and desktop computer, iPhone, tablet, or even mp3 players and cellphones. Plus, it only measures 3.7" by 3.7", so it can fit into any handbag. Its 3.5 mm cable can also be tied away in a nifty special compartment to prevent tangling and ensure that its intact.

If you don't like this koala design, you can always choose between this cute panda and android speakers.

390 customers from Amazon gave this product an average score of 4.6 out of a perfect grade of 5.0, a high rating that comes with good reasons.

First, call this a smart calculator as it can calculate major nutrients (such as calcium and carbohydrate) contained in approximately 1,000 food items.

Second, it's also a smart gadget in that it turns off by itself when no one is using the machine.

Third, it's one of the few nutrition scales to have received the approval of a lot of experts in the field of nutrition.

Plus, it comes with a very low price tag of $70 -- a bargain considering the many wonderful things that it can do.

When driving, safety comes first. But you cannot deny the fact that sometimes, there are important texts and calls that can't wait.

Texting or talking on the phone can lead to disastrous results, so one good solution for this is a safe driving kit such as this adorable kit by ZOMM.

What does this gadget do?

This machine connects your calls via a wireless system, which allows you to answer these calls without having to touch your phone.

Also, call this device a "smart" safety kit as it sends out an alarm to inform you of an incoming call.

This is one gadget that a woman can't live without, unless she doesn't care about growing armpit and facial hair.

But seriously, most women find the need to shave their unwanted hair. So they need a gadget that they can take with them anywhere they may be.

This epilator from Panasonic, one of the world's most innovative electronics companies, fits the bill. It's small, so it doesn't take up that much space. It can easily slip into a lady's bag, and it's undoubtedly portable.

So if your lady friend, wife, or daughter travels, this epilator will be one of her best companions.



This is one of the perfect gives that you can give for the woman who travels a lot. As you can already tell, this device scales your luggage and tells you how much it weighs.

If you're a constant traveler, you'll understand that this is an extremely useful device, especially because airlines and other transportation lines put a limit to the allowed weight of your bags.

So with this gadget, you can determine the weight of your baggage. Therefore, if you exceed the allowable limit, you can always re-pack again to prevent hassle in the airport or terminal.

This is for the girl who lives alone. It's not just a device for stopping doors, but it's also one of the smartest safety gadgets out there. Put it under the door, and when someone tries to break in, it gives out a shrill alarm it will warn you of the danger that lies ahead.

If you want proof that this gadget actually works, look at the high rating that Amazon consumers have given -- 4.3 out of a perfect score of 5.0. If you take a look at the product closely, you'll notice how beautifully crafted it is. Plus, it's got all the bells and whistles as far as safety features are concerned. It's also battery-operated, so you don't have to worry about getting tangled into cables or wires.





The door stop is no doubt a smart gadget for keeping you safe at home. But what about when you go out of the house? For sure, danger is everywhere, so you need to be prepared at all times.

If you want to give your lady friend something to keep her safe everytime she goes to work or go outside to hang out with her friends, these pepper spray and stun gun disguised in a nifty lipstick will definitely be worth buying. They stay in the handbag or purse, and no one will ever suspect that they are created not for beauty purposes.

Disasters and natural calamities are everywhere. We never know when they will strike. So it's imperative that we are always prepared. It's important that we anticipate what's worse.

Surprise your mother or your friend with an emergency radio that's equipped with great functionalities. For instance, did you know that it has a built-in flashlight, and that it can convert the rays of the sun into usable energy? That's right. As what it says, it's self-powered. So in case of disasters and emergencies, you don't have to worry about power black-out because this radio can power itself up.

Do you sometimes wish that you could instantly print out an image taken by your digital camera? Wish no more, because Polaroid has just granted your wish. Introducing this amazing instant mobile photo printer. As you may have already guessed, this device has the ability to instantly print out images from your camera.

You can impress your friends by giving them a copy of some of your memorable shots taken by your camera. Check out the specifications and features of the device, and you'll be impressed some more. 

Are these gadgets not what you're looking for? How about a water flosser like this WP-60 from Waterpik? Check out some water flosser reviews here.]

Updated: 12/16/2013, squidooprincess2012
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squidooprincess2012 on 02/21/2013

The Polaroid printer is also my favorite, that's why it was the last one on the list. :)

Mira on 02/21/2013

That koala speaker is cute. Also, the luggage scale is a great idea. I'm always finding it hard to read the scales from underneath the luggage. The Polaroid printer is also nice. I like a lot some of your other ideas, too.

squidooprincess2012 on 02/07/2013

Thanks katiem2! :)

katiem2 on 02/07/2013

This is one hot spot for all the gizmos and gadgets any woman happy to be a chic would need. I want one of each... Great list of Girl Gadgets. :)K

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