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Here you can find the best Game of Thrones toys and games collection. These are must have figures for a GOT fan.

Almost Everyone has either seen or read the popular Game of Thrones Tv series and novels. They all know the story of the divided lands to be won, the elegant and yet fierce women and the wars that never seem to stop. Everyone has seen and admired Daenerys and her courage even after she was accused of not being very brave- and everyone knows poor Ned Stark and the fate he eventually met. Now we have got the special Game of Thrones pop vinyl figures and Pop vinyl toys- just for you! With realistic features, and adorable little accessories, outfits and physical characteristics that mimic those of the TV series characters, these vinyl toys are great for you to keep on top of your shelf and use to liven up the room a little! So far as the Game of Thrones games are concerned, they come as puzzles and sophisticated looking card game that you can use to make a party more animated and to bond over with your friends.

House of Lannister Toys

Tyrion Lannister: The first great Pop vinyl figure that we’ve got for you, would be that of Tyrion Lannister. Dressed in his scarlet robes and wielding a tiny sword, Tyrion looks as fierce and realistic as he did in the series, and this figure makes it perfect to keep on your desk shelf in order for you to remember your favorite TV show!

Jammie Lannister: Dressed in a golden armour with a blazing sword and huge fiery eyes is a perfect replica of the Game of Thrones character aka Jamie Lannister. He is the both the perfect size for keeping on your desk and making it look more animated at the same time!

Cersei Lannister: With lovely coiled braids of hair and swathed in a beautiful scarlet robe- the same as in the series is Cersei Lannister, looking as magnificent as if she were standing there- real and just waiting to do hard battle with you!

House of Stark Toys

Ned Stark: A carbon copy of the valiant hero from the TV series, Ned Stark comes with his adorable brown beard and stern expression as a pop vinyl figure and looks exactly like any medieval figure-dressed in blue with a brown tunic on top!

Robb Stark: With his flashing eyes, brown beard, cool leather outfit and dark brown boots, Robb Stark makes just as much of an impressive figure in Pop Vinyl as he does onscreen!

Jon Snow: Last but not least, we’ve got Jon Stark from the House of Stark. As treacherous as ever but still looking handsome nonetheless with his black beard, pretty black beard, flashing sword and serious attitude, Jon Stark would make the perfect addition to your Game of Thrones collection!

Game of Thrones Games

Game of Thrones: Board Game:

This board game features the complete set of rules and regulations from the Game of Thrones series- you even have 3 to 6 players who will overthrow the House of Westeros and have their own way! Apart from that you can also rule and control the game as you wish with a Tides of Battle cards and a whole lot more!

Game of Thrones: Westeros Puzzle:

This puzzle looks amazing and is a great way to help the Starks and Lannisters find their way to the Great Westeros castle- with your help of course! With instructions and helping pieces this game is a great way to while away a boring Saturday evening- or when your favorite show isn’t on!

Game of Thrones Playing Cards:

HBO now presents you with the special Game of Thrones Deluxe playing cards that feature all the Game of Thrones characters- Jamie Lannister, Tyrion etc and look both elegant and complicated at the same time. A great way to bond over with other fans of the novel turned TV series as well as from your own playing club in this way!


More Game of Thrones Vinyl Figures

Funko POP Game of Thrones: Khal Drogo Vinyl Figure: With his flashing beard, fearsome eyes, scaythe in hand and beastly attitude writ on his face even as a pop vinyl figure, Khal Drogo is just as mean as he is from the TV series!

Funko POP Game of Thrones: White Walker Vinyl Figure: Another gem of vinyl toy which comes in all blue body and big scary scary eyes which gives an impression of how death would might look like. 

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