Games For A One Year Birthday Party

by wrylilt

Planning a first birthday but want some game ideas? Here are some simple and fun activities for your child's party.

At a first birthday party it can be easy for adults to forget about the birthday boy or girl and just spend the time having a drink, snack and a chat.

A few photos with the cake, a hug from different well meaning relatives and they've done their part.

But there are games that can be played even with a young child that can be fun and entertaining without too much work. Here are some ideas.

Game Ideas for a First Birthday
Game Ideas for a First Birthday

Got an upcoming party but think you're missing something? Here's an exhaustive checklist on everything you could possibly need at your children's birthday party! 

Prizes and Difficulty

Although one year olds can have plenty of fun, the age does come with some restrictions. These tots won't understand winners and losers, or prizes for certain people, so make sure you organise games that are fun and interactive for every young participant. Choose a loose structure for games but don't stress if they go off course - fun is the main aim!

If you do plan to have prizes, check with parents what is appropriate - it's often a good idea to avoid sweets as many parents don't allow them at this age. You may also want to request a parent help each child with some games.

Game Ideas

Aim & Throw - Organise a colorful box, preferably of a large size. Give each child a few balls (ones from ball pit packs work well or even small bean bags) and demonstrate how to throw them in the box. 

Baby Band - Have a box of musical toys ready and give one to each child. Let them make music and sing songs or create a parade.

Ball Pit - Fill a seashell or blow up pool with balls. Play games asking children to find a color or toss the balls. 

Building Blox - Use empty cereal, washing powder or other storage boxes as a fun item for kids to decorate (or do it yourself before the party) and let them build and balance the box blocks.

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Bubble Pop - Kids love bubbles! Get two or three adults with strong lungs or buy a manual or battery operated bubble blower and let children go nuts popping the bubbles.

Balloon Bounce - Depending on the number of children, get one or two balloons. Throw them in the air and show the children how to keep them off the ground, pushing and hitting them back into the air.

Crawl & Race - Clear a space and let children race each other on hands and knees from one side to the other.

Interactive Songs - Sing songs such as "Ring-Around-A-Rosey" and "The Hokey Pokey" along with the actions, teaching the children how to do them.

Musical Leader - Turn on the music and walk around the room, doing one action (patting head, stomping) at a time. Get the children to follow and copy the action. Also try imitating different animals.

Obstacle Course - Create a fun obstacle course out of pillows and larger toys and let children scramble over it to the finish line.

Pinata Pull - Buy or make a pinata using ribbons for easy access. Let children pull the ribbons in turns to open the pinata.

Simple Simon Says - Ask children to touch one body part at a time - nose, ear, mouth, knee... or swap it around and ask them which body part you are touching.

Treasure Hunt - Hide small treasures around the yard or room - simple things such as colored balls or blocks are just as fun as real prizes at this age!

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Kaitlyn on 06/18/2015

This sounds like some crazy advanced one year olds :/

Ethne on 06/12/2015

Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Sheri_Oz on 08/25/2012

Some really good ideas here. My friends' kids are all having babies now (and I should be a gramma by next spring) so these are good to know now.

BrendaReeves on 08/07/2012

Nice article!

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