Scary & Horrifying Games Like Amnesia

by Seelyon

I'm not one for horror movies but I love horror games like Amnesia. If you want a new scare then check out the list of games on this page and prepare to be scared.

I'm not one for horror movies but I love horror games like Amnesia. If you want a new scare then check out the list of games on this page and prepare to be scared.

Before Amnesia launched the horror genre had definitely been a little dull but now that a whole new market has been created for these games the genre has become saturated with options and I LOVE it.

The number one YouTuber (based on subscribers) PewDiePie has even made a big part of his content focused on this new popular gaming genre.

If you're a fan of horror games that are designed to scare you like myself I hope one of the option below appeals to you, I'm always open to the opinions of other gamers (and non-gamers) so don't hesitate to drop me a comment.

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Condemned Series

One Of My Favourite Games Like Amnesia

For scary games like Amnesia the Condemned series should definitely be your first stop with similar game mechanics to what Amnesia perfected. With two games in the series there is definitely enough gameplay here to enjoy for any horror fan.

Both of these games are linked in terms of story so start with the original (I think it's the better one anyway). The first game is for PC and Xbox 360 while the second game was a console only release (PS3 and Xbox 360).

The main reason that this series is first to be listed here is because of the way the game uses weapons (well the lack of weapons) which is a corner stone of what made Amnesia the game it was. It isn't about being able to deal with the nightmares before you it's more about the horror as your hopeless to do anything.

Condemned isn't a completely weapon free experience though with a small amount of firearms and improvised weapons available.

Condemned: Criminal Origins [Download]

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot - Xbox 360

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One Of The Upcoming & Must Have Games Like Amnesia

Just wow. After playing the interactive teaser for this game I was spooked. Asylum is an upcoming addition to the horror genre and is due for release in the coming months (2014).

The game first caught my eye during their kickstarter campaign where certain levels of contributors could get themselves placed in the Asylum permanently in a number of ways (such as being part of the guest book at the start of the game). I'm a sucker for unique kickstarter campaigns so I contributed to this independent video game.

The name gives away the game setting quite obviously as you explore an abandoned asylum that is dark, spooky and eerie. With hundreds of different rooms in this asylum it's a long exploration adventure to enjoy and I can't wait to get my hands on the full thing.


One Of The Older Scary Adventure Games Like Amnesia

As a fan of H.P. Lovecraft I really liked Scratches which definitely takes some inspiration from his works. The game is an adventure meets horror game. it's an older game within the genre (2006) and was actually the first commercial video game in the genre from Argentina (fun fact for the day).

Exploring a strange house with a first person perspective the game almost has a Myst like feel to it if you're a fan of Myst like adventure games as well. Just like Asylum featured above there are plenty of different rooms to explore while you solve a mystery and you do get to explore some more external locations such as a crypt and greenhouse so you aren't just limited to the mansion of a house you'll start within.

As a Myst and Amnesia fan Scratches was the perfect blend for me, although true Amnesia fans might find it a little weak in the direct horror department as it's more of a atmospheric adventure.

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