5 Free Games Like Club Penguin (Virtual Worlds)

by Seelyon

There are plenty of great free games like Club Penguin for children to play online. These games like Club Penguin all have a strong focus on online safety features and ensure that

There are plenty of great free games like Club Penguin for children to play online.

These games like Club Penguin all have a strong focus on online safety features and ensure that your children stay safe on the internet.

Please note that the games listed on this page are accessible for free or have a large portion of their content available for free, the games listed here may still require paid memberships/purchases to unlock 100% of available content.

Vote for your favourite game like Club Penguin or let us know about your favourite online virtual world that we missed in the comments.

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The Best Free Game Like Club Penguin?

What Is The Best Virtual World?

Habbo Hotel

A Popular Virtual Game Like Club Penguin

Habbo Hotel (or Habbo) is a popular free social networking site like Club Penguin. Habbo's target demographic is skewed more towards a teenage audience rather than young children but it still implements many important safety features. Habbo Hotel receives over 10 million monthly unique visitors to its domain.

The gameplay of Habbo is very similar to that of Club Penguin. The Habbo Hotel game world is split into various hotel rooms that logged in Habbo users can access and in doing so chat with other users in that room.

There is also a variety of game options on Habbo Hotel which serve as an extra activity in the game world. Players are free to customise their character in anyway they want and can also design their own rooms. There is a paid currency in Habbo known as Habbo Coins but it is not required to access a majority of the game client, its main use being the purchase or premium in-game items.

Habbo Hotel - Home
Free Habbo Credits


A Browser Based Free Game Like Club Penguin

Neopets is a free game like Club Penguin and is played completely within your internet browser. Neopets is a virtual pet website that puts players in charge of raising and taking care of various virtual pets (players are allowed up to 4 pets).

Neopets offers a wide variety of activities, meaning there is something for everyone. The main features include games, quests, battles, home decoration, making friends and collecting items.

Neopets is set in a complete fantasy world (known as Neopia) and has many special events throughout the year. The in-game currency is Neopoints which are earned for playing games on the site and are used in all Neopet and player to player transactions.

Neopets is updated daily with new content, games, neopet species and events. It also encourages users to submit their own content (drawing, stories and poetry).

Neopets Home Page
Free NeoCash

ToonTown Online

Another Game Like Club Penguin

ToonTown Online is published by Disney and is a popular MMORPG game that has many similarities with Club Penguin. The game offers tonnes of content and depth with a large portion of this being available for free (membership must be purchased to access all game content).

ToonTown Online features a complete 3D virtual game environment and addicting gameplay that is 100% kid safe. The game has been around since 2003 and has more of a game focus than Club Penguin.

Players create their own Toon and travel the ToonTown virtual world defeating evil Cogs by using gags and jokes as their weapon and thus restoring the fun and laughs in ToonTown. 

ToonTown Online - Official Website
Get A Free ToonTown Membership


A Virtual World With Player Created Content

IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) is a highly social website which has been online since 2004.  Members use 3D avatars to meet, chat and play games with other users. IMVU has over 55 million registered accounts and receives over 12 million unique visitors each and every month.

IMVU has one of the largest virtual good stores available due to the fact that it encourages and provides tools for its users to create their own game content. This virtual store contains more than 11 million different items that players can use to customise their own IMVU character.

IMVU - Home Page
Free IMVU Credits


A Free Online Game Like Club Penguin

WoozWorld is another popular virtual world like Club Penguin. The game has many similarities to the popular Club Penguin except that avatars are human and not penguins.

The WoozWorld is primarily aimed at tweens with a community of millions strong across multiple countries. WoozWorld offers all of the standard virtual world features including chat, games, virtual spaces (called Unitz) and also offers plenty of clothing customisation options.

Get Started On WoozWorld
Free Wooz For WoozWorld

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