Games Like Harvest Moon For PC

by Seelyon

Games like Harvest Moon for PC are rare but they are out there, with this page you'll finally be able to get that Harvest Moon experience on your computer that you've been searchin

Games like Harvest Moon for PC are rare but they are out there, with this page you'll finally be able to get that Harvest Moon experience on your computer that you've been searching for.

Harvest Moon is definitely one of the most popular simulation games out there in the genre and uses farming simulation as the base of its gameplay. With several games in the series the gameplay has evolved over time but there is enough variation between each to keep you entertained over the entire franchise.

Other elements include raising animals, resource collection, festivals, marriage and even children. The only issue with Harvest Moon though is that it's never made its way to Windows, you're limited to playing the game on Wii, 3DS or the older PlayStation platforms.

As an avid follower of Harvest Moon I felt it was my duty to put up these games like Harvest Moon for PC for other fans that are searching.

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Stardew Valley

Easily One Of The Best Games Like Harvest Moon For PC

Stardew Valley definitely takes inspiration from Harvest Moon and is set to be one of the best games like Harvest Moon for your PC. The game is still under development and is becoming an amazing game offering that I've been holding out for since I first learned of the game a few months ago.

The game is pushing itself as a role playing experience that lets you join in an open ended country adventure. Best of all this game is working to include co-operative gameplay so you'll have several hands to help you take an overgrown field into an amazing farm.

You'll also have skills that level up as you advance to you feel like your making progress, the opportunity to marry, exploration elements, achievements and just so much depth. If you're a follower of the Harvest Moon series then this is the game you need to be following from now on.

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

One Of My Favourite Games Like Harvest Moon For PC

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale is another one of the games like Harvest Moon For PC that I got hooked on very quickly after discovering it on Steam randomly one day. You won't be managing a farm in this game but rather a storefront, in order to secure an inventory you'll have to purchase it from other townsfolk or go adventuring for the items yourself.

This appeals to people that like to haggle for their items or gamers like me that love to go adventuring and dungeon crawling instead. This mixture rally blew me away and had me hooked almost instantly as I tried to look after my store in order to pay back my father's debt.

All of these elements wrap up nicely into a fantasy setting that feels both semi-realistic but also unique at the same time. Every game day is an enjoyable challenge as you choose the activity to fill your day with.

Viva Pinata

Build Your Own Farm In This Game Like Harvest Moon For PC and Xbox 360

Viva Pinata mixes life simulation with some garden management to deliver a game with Harvest Moon style gameplay that I enjoyed playing as a casual experience. In addition to being available on Windows Viva Pinata brings the experience to Xbox 360 for console gamers to enjoy as well.

Your task in this colourful game world is to turn your run down plot of space into the best garden it can be while in turn encouraging a number of pinata animals to make a home in your garden. After attracting them pinatas can mate to create new little forms of themselves.

All of the pinatas are extremely fun to discover and all have enough uniqueness that it's always fun to unlock a new pinata with your recent work on the garden. To add more elements to the gameplay you'll also have mini games and evil pinatas to fend off.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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