Unique First Person Puzzle Games Like Portal

by Seelyon

If you love Portal like me you'll be pleased to know that there are some great games like Portal out there that offer a similar puzzle adventure (in first person).

If you love Portal like me you'll be pleased to know that there are some great games like Portal out there that offer a similar puzzle adventure (in first person).

On this page you'll get to discover my favourite games in this small genre. Like most people I was hooked on the gameplay, story and general tone of Portal. After eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel and finishing it I decided it was time to search outside the series for a first person puzzle experience and the results are here for all to see.

While there are some simple games like Portal out there (that are either free or extremely short) I've decided to not include them on this page and instead focus on games like Portal that offer a full game experience of at least several hours. If you enjoy my list be sure to stop by the comment section at the end and leave your thoughts.

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The Best Portal Game?

Portal 1 vs Portal 2

Quantum Conundrum

One Of The Physics Heavy Games Like Portal With Multiple Dimensions

Quantum Conundrum is one of the first puzzle adventure games I've enjoyed the most on my hunt for games similar to Portal. The game even comes from one of the brains that worked on Portal (Kim Swift) and is voiced by John de Lancie (who I remember from his role as Q on Star Trek).

Plot wise the game is simple enough as you join the game as a 12 year old trying to help is uncle the Professor Fitz Quadwrangle get out of the strange issue he fines himself in which is stuck in a a pocket dimension. He's able to stay in contact with you throughout the adventure so you've got plenty of great voice acting to enjoy.

Puzzles slowly evolve throughout this adventure but remain pretty similar throughout with players using the objects within each room to push various buttons, open doors and protect themselves from dangers. With your available tools the game lends itself to multiple solutions to puzzles which does make it quite enjoyable.

These tools relate to the ability to change the world around you between four different dimensions which each have their own use. These dimensions include fluffy, heavy, slow and reverse gravity.

Of all the games like Portal I've tried over the years, Quantum Conundrum is the winner for me.


One Of The Most Interesting Games Like Portal

Antichamber is a game that promises to mess with you, your mind and what you consider to be normal in gaming. It promises an experience unlike anything else and it's only after you shed the idea of what you consider normal will you be able to make it to the end of the game.

Antichamber is as unique as it gets and it won't disappoint although some players might find it frustrating. My best advice is to just enjoy the ride and not stress about the puzzles before you, it's the sort of game that fun discovery is really the focus. You'll have plenty of "oh okay" moments as what you expect to happen is completely different from the actual.

There isn't much of a story to latch onto here as you enter the world as an unnamed person with your only objective to advance. You start surrounded by four walls with a menu, a countdown, a map and your ultimate exit goal (but just out of reach).

All the puzzle elements are different and you'll have to use your logical puzzle solving skills to beat them all, it's the sort of game hat is constantly changing which is why I was so attracted to it. Unlike Portal where you've got a single mechanic that slowly evolve you have many different aspects to master.

I really believe that Antichamber is a game that every gamer needs to be experience, it's just one of those special games like Portal.

The Ball

One Of The Shorter Games Like Portal

The Ball isn't as long as the other games like Portal that I've featured here but it is fun and unique so I couldn't pass up including it on this page. The game was actually one of the promotional pieces for Portal 2 so it's likely any fans of Portal have heard the name or even have the game as part of a promotion.

The name sort of gives away the mechanic that you'll be using in this first person puzzle game. You'll control a large ball with a gun that only has two functions, pulling the ball towards you or launching it with force. With these simple mechanics you're able to guide to ball, direct it across the various levels and crush any enemies that get in your way.

With such simple mechanics and a decent story to go along with it the game might be a short experience but it is a great one and it's something I'd like to see in more games in the future.

The Ball - PC

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