Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

by MuminBusiness

Are you collecting all the Skylanders? Well, lets start at the beginning...

The Portal of Power – A name that immediately grabs attention just like the Skylanders game has done for children and adults everywhere.

Parents, hold onto your wallets for this one -30 plus characters to collect and the game only comes with three. However, once your child starts to play this, there is no going back so prepare yourself for it.

Released at the end of 2011, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure has been a runaway success. Most children including my friend’s daughter (a 5 year old) wants it and loves, absolutely loves to collect the figures and play it. However, if you are here then I guess you know all that already.


Skylands has been overrun by KAOS and his baddies whereas the actual residents of Skylands have been frozen and exiled to earth.  The only way they can be saved is by you, the portal master, placing them on the Portal of Power where they can be thawed and returned to Skylands.  Of course, it is not that simple, they must still defeat further obstacles and battle KAOS and his cronies in order to take back their land.

Each character comes with its own back story and fights their own battles, unlocking new moves and new parts of the story.  You can only play all parts of the game by buying all of the characters as they become available.  There has been a shortage of the characters so it may be worth grabbing them as soon as you find a place that has them in stock.

What do you need to play Skylanders?

First and foremost, it all depends on the game console(s) you have at home.  I will list all the available consoles and where to get them.

Amazon is probably not the best place, in terms of price, to get the items but if you cannot find them anywhere else at present as a result of a mad rush each time Skylanders appear in the shops( or for some other reason ) then Amazon may have to be your choice.

Skylanders for the Wii

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Starter Pack
$41.64  $29.99

Wii Skylanders UK

If you have a Nintendo Wii, then this Skylanders Starter Pack is for you, it comes with the Portal of Power, three characters - Spyro, Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy.  So at least you have three to start with.  You can complete the game with just the three if your children are agreeable but the marketing on this game is subtle but effective so I would give that up as a nice idea, but impractical.

Based in The UK: Buy your Skylanders Starter pack 

Skylanders for the PlayStation 3

If you own a Playstation 3 then you will want the Skylanders game made just for you with.  The same three characters apply - Spyro, Trigger Happy and Gill Drunt.

If you are in the UK: Get Your Play Station 3 copy of Skylanders.

Skylanders for the XBox 360

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Starter Pack
$52.49  $49.99

Spyros Adventure for the XBox 360

This is for you if you own the XBox 360.  It contains teh same three characters to get you started on teh adventure.  

It is so engaging for the little ones.

If based in the UK: Get your Starter Pack here

Spyros Adventure for the PC

This contains the same three characters as the Skylanders game for the PS3.  

Some people have experienced a few concerns with this PC version where the character suddenly leaves the scree.  For that all you need to do is lift the character off the Portal of power and place him back on again.  He/she should now reappear.

Are you in the UK? Get your Skylanders for PC here

3DS Skylanders UK

Now this DS version of Skylanders comes with a portal of power as well but has three different toy characters to play with.

  • Dark Spyro
  • Stealth Elf who looks like a female Ninja
  • Ignitor

For you in the UK: Get your Skylander Pack

Updated: 03/16/2012, MuminBusiness
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