We Need More Games Like Red Dead Redemption

by Seelyon

We need more games like Red Dead Redemption! One of the most loved games of all time still remains largely alone in the genre. With the huge success of Red Dead Redemption you have

We need more games like Red Dead Redemption! One of the most loved games of all time still remains largely alone in the genre. With the huge success of Red Dead Redemption you have to ask the question why aren't there more games like it around?

For such a hugely successful game you would have expected plenty of developers to jump onto the bandwagoon and try to recreate what made Red Dead so great. After several years though the Wild West free roam genre has been left mostly to it's own devices. What are the reasons for this? And can we expect that to change into the future? I'll explore both of these questions while I also reminisce about my own love for this Rockstar game.

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An Overview Of Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption takes you to the Wild West with an action-adventure that is similar to the Grand Theft Auto series that is also published by Rockstar Games. It's available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 with a 2010 release.

The game is still one of the few games that use a Wild West setting, especially within the genre and has received endless praise from critics and gamers. With scores in the high 90s it's also one of the top rated games ever released. With the addition of a zombie themed DLC pack in 2011 the game extended it's sales even further.

As an open world game you have great freedom as you explore a lawless world. If you want to take the route of honour then it's available to you but there is nothing stopping you from going down a bandit path. Getting around the huge open world is aided by horseback but in a realistic fashion you'll have to tame these horses before you can ride them.

Just like most games in the genre it's not the main storyline that offers most of the game hours and is instead the  available side quests and the random events. Activities are also important with the likes of bounty hunting, duels and gathering.

Red Dead Redemption truly has an entire world just waiting to be explored and the ability to carve out your own story.

Why Aren't There More Games Like Red Dead Redemption?

With the huge success of Red Dead Redemption the question on everyone's lips is why aren't there more games like Red Dead Redemption? It's a tough question to answer as usually after a successful game launch you'll see other developers jumping on the hype but that hasn't happened this time around.

Part of the reason I think is that the game was done so well it is a real barrier to entry to other games, if the game doesn't at least match the experience it won't do well. Wild Red Dead Redemption was great it didn't sell solely on the Wild West theme, I don't think the theme pulls a lot of demand by its own.

The second biggest reason was the release of Skyrim a year later that put fantasy open world games under the spotlight which have made up a large number of the releases in that time since.

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Will We Ever See More Games Like Red Dead Redemption?

I'm still hopeful that we'll see some other Wild West open world games in the future and who knows many Rockstar is already busy working on a sequel behind the scenes. Only time will tell and I simply have to wait along with all the other fans for more games like Red Dead Redemption.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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