Garden Design That Heals

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Healing garden is an evolving notion to which not much thought and importance is given today. There are therapeutic benefits of designing healing gardens.

Therapeutic Garden design is a topic that needs research and extensive study due to the fact humans are social animals but have physiological and spiritual needs.

Have you ever observed being in Nature improves your mood in just 5 to 10 minutes? If your mind is too agitated and cannot relax amidst tall trees and greenery, probably it is time you start taking Nature walks. . People who walk in woods, live in nature and country farms are less stressful. It is true urban life is an open invitation to urgency and restlessness.

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Garden Design Idea

Ideas that you can use for such gardens are Zen garden designs, pond and rock features. A great characteristic of Japanese gardens is that they planned in such a way that the ambience and surroundings emit tranquility. The amazing bonsai gardens of Japan are world famous.

Some of the famous Japanese Garden designs are Karesansui (Rock Garden), CHhaniwa (Tea Garden) and Chisen-shoyū-teien (Japanese Pond Garden).

Garden Design with Healing Herbs

The Healing Garden

The curative properties of plants and the restorative Zen effects of a living garden accommodates and embraces various living entities such as butterflies and birds.


Flowers and trees have always carried an aura of freshness with them; there is no wonder that they were used for therapeutic purposes long before humans realized their potential. The idea of healing garden brings the spiritual aspects of plants, water and landscaping. Big trees and water in ponds attract wildlife.  Chirping birds, flying butterflies, school of fish and croaking frogs speak volumes of life. Why wouldn’t it motivate a patient suffering from chronic disease or a tough surgery to live.


Landscaping for Healing


Today’s environment is totally different than the ones our Great Grandma and Grandpa grew with. Devoid of stress and strain, the planet was covered with forest and greenery. Simple living and moderate requirements were the keys to good health. Farms and green spaces provided nourishment and respite to simple people who grew their own food and resorted more to country living.


Healing landscapes are thus very essential in giving rest and relaxation to tired mind and body. Beautiful water features such as pond, sand, rocks, waterfall can be alluring and soothing. The sound of waterfall can drive one’s attention from worries and focus in present. Rock gardens, stones and pathways can be designed to offer peace and serene atmosphere.

Healing Gardens for Meditation and Spirituality

Peaceful Sanctuary



It might not be an ideal place for solitary meditation practices, but it can be designed for a peaceful sanctum for patients, staff for exercises, yoga and relaxing. By watching the plants grow, birds fly and fish swim, patients can relate and expedite the recovery process.

Healing Garden
Healing Garden
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Characteristics of Healing Garden


In 1993, AHTA (American Horticultural Therapy Association) developed characteristics for therapeutic gardens based on best practices and existing garden designs. Such healing places should have ample of seating arrangements in shade. The flora palette should contain medicinal herbs, flowering trees and vegetative patches.

Sources Consulted

Therapeutic Garden Characteristics By Teresia Hazen, MED, HTR, QMHP

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WriterArtist on 08/10/2023

DerdriuMarriner- Walking on the grass is extremely beneficial and therapeutic. Morning dew on the grass is soothing and healing. I would recommend lavender patch, lemon grass, sage for an aromatic garden. For shade, tall trees should be planted that are available. Flowering trees like magnolia and cherry blossom are feast to eyes. Their presence in the garden will enhance calm fragrance, and ambiance.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/10/2021

WriterArtist, Thank your for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
One of the first and the last things that I like to do, every day if possible every week otherwise, is walk barefooted on the grass around flowering non-woody and woody plants, herbs and vegetables. What flowering trees, medicinal herbs and vegetative patches would you most recommend?

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