Gas Saving Tips

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Tips for saving money on car gas. Simple things you can do to cut down on your gas expenses.

Tips For Saving At The Gas Pump

Gas Saving Tips
  • To reduce gas evaporation, buy gas when it's cooler during the day, like the early morning
  • Buy your gas at wholesale clubs, such as Costco.
  • Don't buy a higher octane gas than your car requires. If your car doesn't need it then you're just wasting wasting your money. 
  • Pump your gas at a self-service station rather than a full service station. Self-service is cheaper.

Watch Your Speed - Save Gas

To increase your gas mileage:

  • Don't drive above 65 MPH. Driving above 65 MPH can have a significant effect on fuel economy.
  • Don't continually speed up and slow down.
  • Go with the traffic flow.
  • Watching your speed is the single most effective solution to increasing efficiency.
  • Once you reach cruising speed, back off on the accelerator a little.
  • Use cruise control. Once you reached your desired speed, turn on the cruise control. Maintaining a constant speed over long distances saves gas.

Tires Make A Difference

  • Make sure your tire pressure is up to specifications.
  • Under inflated tires can cause mileage loss.
  • If your tires are one pound per square inch below recommendation it can reduce gas mileage 3 percent.
  • Snow tires require more fuel so replace them after the winter season. 

Plan and Combine Your Trips - Save Gas

  • Car pool whenever possible.
  • Plan your trips and combine your errands so that you drive less. Try to do all your errands in one day rather than spreading them out over the week.
  • Plan your route beforehand to avoid backtracking.

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More Gas Saving Tips

Wind Resistance:

  • Keep the windows closed when wind resiistance if a factor, such as driving on the highway. The increased drag can result in decrease feul economy.
  • Use the air conditioner instead of rolling down the windows.


  • Treat your car brakes as carefully as the accelerator.
  • Coast as much as possible when approaching a stop. Avoid breaking suddenly.
  • Coast when driving down hills.
  • Avoid tailgating and using your brakes to continually correct your following distance.

Car Maintenance: 

  • Keep your car engine well tuned.
  • Change the oil as suggested by the car manual.
  • Change the air filter when needed. A dirty air filter will rob the engine of power and efficiency.
  • Purcase your motor oil in bulk. Buying anything in bulk usually results in a savings.

More gas saving tips...

  • Avoid heavy loads.
  • Purchase a fuel efficient vehicle.
  • If you have a faulty gas cap, or no gas cap at all, replace it. Missing caps reduce your gas mileage and harms the environment.
  • Don't let your car idle for long periods of time.

Gas Saving Tip

Remove The Junk From Your Trunk

That extra load you carry in your trunk is costing you money. Every additional 100 pounds in your car trunk can lower your gas mileage 2 percent!

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Rose on 06/20/2014

Great list. Slowing down is always a good idea - less risk of accidents as well as saving on gas

Guest on 06/29/2011

Good common sense suggestions as well as some not so obvious tips.

CitizenWake on 06/04/2011

Denial..Anger..Bargaining..Depression..Acceptance. The 5 Stages of Buying Gas these days!
A very useful article you have here.

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