Homemade Octo Mom Costumes

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Nadya Sulemen was dubbed the octo mom after giving birth through vitro infertilzation to octuplets. Here is everything you need to make homemade octo mom Halloween costumes.

About Octo Mom

Nadya Sulemen was dubbed the octo mom by the media after giving birth through vitro infertilzation to octuplets. The octuplets are only the second set of surviving octuplets to be born in the United States. Nadya, who already had 6 children, gave birth to her octoputs in January, 2009. The set of octuplets included 6 boys and 2 girls. Unfortunately, the 33 year old single mother of 14 children captured the public eye and became the brunt of jokes, especially through the media and on late night television shows. Octo mom resides with her 14 children in California.

If you are considering making an octo mom costume this Halloween, you may want to search on the Internet for some photos of Nadya Sulemen first. Making an octo mom costume is simple. It should take you about 30 minutes to turn yourself into octo mom. A homemade octo mom costume might include, lots of babies, 6 boys and 1 girl, a fake pregnant belly, big fake lips, long dark wig, and casual clothing. 

The Real Octo Mom - Nadya Sulemen

Octo Mom Nadya Sulemen
Octo Mom Nadya Sulemen

What a Homemade Octo Mom Costume Might Look Like

What a homemade octo mom might look like.
What a homemade octo mom might look l...

How To Look Like Octo Mom

Octo Mom Appearance: Octo mom has long black hair and big lips. She is usually photographed in sweat pants, yoga type pants and gym / sweat suits. 

Octo Mom Hair: If you don't want to dye your hair black or add hair extensions, you can have instant Octo mom hair with the wigs from Amazon shown below. Octo mom usually wears her hair parted in the middle but also wears it in a side braid, and parted on the side with big loose waves.

Octo Mom Lips: If lip injections is not an option, use big fake waxed lips or use lip liner but pencil the liner way outside your lip line to acheive the octo mom lip look.

Octo Mom Clothing: Anything casual and comfortable. Something a mother of 14 children might wear. Octo mom is often seen in sweat pants and casual clothing.

Octo Mom Eyebrows: Octomom has thin eyebrows, not bushy. If you have thick or bushy eyebrows, pluck them or cover them up with some beige makeup.

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Octo Mom Pregnancy

You can use any of the following props to appear octo mom pregnant.  

  1. Pillow
  2. Fake belly
  3. Belly stuffer, such as the one used for Santa Claus outfits
  4. Padding, such as sheets or blanets
  5. Maternity padding

Use enough padding to appear like you are carrying 8 babies. That's a lot of stuffing! 


Octo Mom Fake Bellies

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Octo Mom Babies

Octo mom baby ideas:

Eight babies, 6 boys and 2 girls, are an essential part of the octo mom Halloween costume. It is not very practical to lug 8 fake babies around all day or night. Here are a few ideas for keeping your eight babies in tow: 

  1. Put them in a stroller
  2. Pin or tie them to your outfit. 
  3. Wrap them all up in one big blanket
  4. Glue them all together.
  5. Wrap them together in duct tape or velcro.

Octo Mom Babies

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Octo Mom Nadya Suleman

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Jimmie on 06/19/2011

Truly hilarious. I'm sure this costume would get a load of laughs.

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