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Do you love telling other people about your obsession with genealogy? Why not buy a funny family history t-shirt either for yourself or as a gift for a genealogy friend?

Why Wear A Genealogy T-Shirt?

Everyone feel comfortable wearing a T-Shirt.  They are practical pieces of clothing and one of the beauties of a T-Shirt is that whilst the basic style remains the same there is such a huge scope for expressing your own personality by the design on the front. Some people like t-shirts with cute or artistic designs, some like t-shirts with designs dedicated to their favourite band, actor or TV show so why not have a t-shirt dedicated to genealogy, the best and most popular hobby in the world?

Reasons To Wear A Genealogy T-Shirt!

  • It's a great conversation starter!
  • Other genealogists will recognise you instantly!
  • Great to wear when out and about doing your family history research!
  • Fantastic to wear as an ice breaker for family reunions!
  • To prove to people that genealogists aren't boring!
  • You are proud of your genealogy and want to tell everyone!
  • Life is too short to be boring!
  • You wear a genealogy t-shirt because you can!

Genealogy Isn't Just For Old People!

My own genealogical experience began way back in the long gone days of the 1980's. I admit that  it was a very unusual hobby at the time, especially when done by a fifteen year old girl! Whilst my friends were listening to music and out going to the cinema I loved spending my time at the local archives and local record offices. It wasn't that I was a nerd (well not much anyway) as I did do the same things as my friends in addition to my family history research but I have always found history intriguing and even more so when I came to the realisation that my family were a part of that history. Any genealogist will tell you that thrill you get when you realise that your family were part of something special.

Over the last few decades genealogy has become one of the most common hobbies worldwide and it has long since lost the stigma of being a pass time of the elderly and seriously nerdy! I believe that my early start into the genealogical world has given me a great sense of humour when it comes to the funny side of my genealogy research and I would like to share some of the great genealogy t-shirt designs I have seen showing the lighter, less serious side of family history.

Wear your Genealogy T-Shirt with Pride!

I have always found it fascinating that every single person on this planet has a family history and I believe that there is an instinctual need to know where you came from and to be proud of what your ancestors achieved. It may not be possible to find out everything but you must agree that whilst genealogy may be a slow process it is anything but boring!

Almost everyone who traces their family history is willing to share their knowledge no matter how scandalous or utterly boring their ancestors were.

Genealogy T-Shirts At Skreened
See the full range of genealogy t-shirts from the Skreened website. Available in all sizes from babies to adults in a good selection of colours! Designs include: Sexy Genealogists Family History Bore Family Tree Detective Hot Genealogist So Many Ancestors So Little Time Genealogy - It's All Relative Genealogists Use Their Census Genealogist With Attitude

Sexy Genealogist
Sexy Genealogist

All the T-Shirts shown in this article have been specially selected from the Zazzle and Skreened websites.  They are printed on demand meaning that you can choose the style, size and color. They are available for men, women, boys, girls and even babies. The Zazzle website will also give you the ability to have the same design printed onto many other items including mugs, mousepads, iphone cases, greetings cards, bags etc.  The t-shirts sold by both of these companies are of very high quality and wash particularly well giving you many years of wear out of them.

Updated: 12/23/2011, lovewriting
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JoHarrington on 01/22/2012

I giggled my way through reading those t-shirts. If I was a bit richer, I'd be buying one!

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