Gothic Style Valentines Day Cards

by lovewriting

Are you looking for a gothic style greetings card this Valentine's Day? Your goth girlfriend or your goth boyfriend will love the romantic gesture and truly appreciate your love.

Where to buy Gothic Valentine's Day Cards?

If your romantic soul mate prefers gothic darkness, gothic skulls and un-beating hearts to pink fluffy bunnies and rainbows then finding a gothic valentine's day card can be a real nightmare!  Stores are full of mainstream cutie lovey-dovey valentine's day cards, and gothic cards are far more difficult to come by. Don't give up hope though because help is at hand. At Zazzle, store owners are free to design greetings cards for every occasion and in every style imaginable, so there are hundreds of gothic greetings cards available.


I hate the way most greeting card stores have the idea that each and every person is exactly the same, taking no consideration for individual tastes.  For example, if your Dad isn't a golf playing, football loving, beer drinking gardener with a thing for fast cars then you've blown getting a suitable birthday or father's day card for him haven't you?

That is why I love Zazzle so much! You can choose from so many different designs and if you can't find what you are looking for you can adapt an existing Valentine's Day card or design your own from scratch.  You don't have to be particularly good with graphics either.  My son had a birthday recently and found that his birthday card had a photograph of his two dogs on the front. What is more the cards are EXCELLENT quality and far better than the ones in the store.

History of Valentine's Day

The origins of celebrating love and romance on 14th February are shrouded in mystery but it a tradition which has been passed on from one generation to the next. In today's society it may seem that Valentine's Day is simply another commercial occasion for people to make money, but love and romance are the backbone of any culture and what better way to express that love than by sending a token on this special day. 

The origins of Valentine's Day are commonly thought to originate in third century Rome. It was said that the emperor Claudius II was concerned about the ability of his army to be completely dedicated to fighting when their thoughts turned to lust, love and romance.  He decreed that young men weren't permitted to marry in order to improve the army's fighting skills and the quality of the Roman army in general. Valentine was a Roman priest with a romantic soul and regardless of the emperor's decree he continued to marry young couples in love risking his own welfare in the process. After his capture it is thought that Valentine, later St. Valentine, sent a letter to a loved one and this was the first real Valentine's Day card.  Unfortunately the emperor wasn't about to make any exceptions when it came to his laws being broken and Valentine was put to death. 


Will You Send A Valentines Day Card This February 14th?

Updated: 12/21/2011, lovewriting
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