It's me! nightbear!

by nightbear

Sometimes its a misunderstood nickname. But really it is all about who I am. I'll share a little with you here.

It's me! nightbear!

nightbear! AKA Susan Kaul
nightbear! AKA Susan Kaul

Why nightbear?

I have been nursing for more than 40 years. You name it, I've done it. My career has been fantastic and I loved most every minute of it. And except for one excessively long and agonizing year when I worked the day shift, I have always worked the night shift or the afternoon shift. But anyway you look at it, the night hours. I really hate the day shift. And that one year made me so sick, I didn't think I was going to survive. I've always said how much I love the day shift nurses because without them, I'd have to work it.

So that is where the "night" part of the nickname comes from.

I am an animal person. Seriously an animal person. I love all animals, except for the mosquito, I really don't have any use for it, but I do appreciate it feeds the bats, which I do like. So I guess I have to tolerate them, but other than that one tiny creature, I love and respect all the rest. I really love dogs, cats and birds, but wild animals are also very dear to me.

So that's where the animal part of the nickname comes from.

But why bear? That comes from my personality. I am extremely loyal. And I defend what is mine. And I love ferociously. All just like a bear. If I love someone, it is forever, unless they do something awful to me to hinder that love. But probably that wouldn't happen since I am very careful about who I choose to love. Maybe cautious would be a better word, And I will protect that person or animal with whatever it takes to keep them safe, just like a bear will.

Also I am part Cherokee Indian, and with my history, nightbear is my given name.

So that's me in a nutshell, nightbear, but call me Susan.

Does the nickname or Avatar you have chosen for yourself represent who you are?

James and Susan Kaul

James and Susan Kaul, Happily Married for 25 years, May 8th 2011
James and Susan Kaul, Happily Married...

I love being married

Marriage is really hard. If you are hoping for a perfect one like I have. First of all, it helps to marry your best friend. And then to stay head over heels in love with him, every single day.

If there is one key to happiness in a marriage, I have to say it is open honest love, that you share with him every day and communication with him...about everything, even the more difficult things. If you don't talk you'll kill the relationship. Seriously.

Jim is also a nurse, for almost 30 years. Before that he was a cop, yeah, weird I know. And before that he was a drug dog trainer and handler in the military. He was Army.

He is the nicest and most gentle man I've ever known, He sincerely cares about people and he is a wonderful nurse, friend, and husband. I could not love him more, even though I try every day to equal his wonderfulness... he always wins. He is special. I love him very much.

We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year, in fact, this month. It seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. I can't wait for the next 25.

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Here are some of my precious "babies"

Next to my husband, I love these creatures more than anything. It's who I am.
My puppy mill puppy, Abigail, I had her since she was five weeks old.
My puppy mill puppy, Abigail, I had h...
Our Precious Isabel, A very special girl, Paralyzed since 2006.
Our Precious Isabel, A very special g...
Jacob, My black capped caique, Parrot. A joy to me, all eleven inches of him.
Jacob, My black capped caique, Parrot...
Foxy, Our Rescued Barn Kitty, The perfect baby sitter for Isabel and our Love!!
Foxy, Our Rescued Barn Kitty, The per...

Some of my other interests - My Blogs

Baby Knitting Patterns
Instant Gratification, what knitting for baby is all about. Fun and Fast

Symptoms In Dogs
What is your dog really trying to tell you. A Blog about love and care of dogs.

Nursing Nuggets
A blog about health an 40 years of nursing memories and stories

Don't Work Until You Are Seventy
A Blog about learning how to maneuver the net an maybe make some money. Baby Boomers making their way.

Easy Cooking Recipes
My venture into sharing my love of food and cooking.

Best Darn Yarns
Knitting and Crochet and the love of Yarn

Correen (Clouda9) introduced me to Zazzle and I love it!! I'm nightbear56 on Zazzle

All I need is more time or two of me, this is an example of my offerings.

Well that's who nightbear (Susan) is.

There are so many things I enjoy, my husband, my life, my nursing, my animals, my crafting, my knitting, reading and movies and I am sure a hundred more things. But I wanted you to know a little about me and as we get to know each other, you'll learn a lot more I'm sure. I'm glad you were able to stay and read.

Susan (nightbear)

Updated: 03/15/2012, nightbear
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Raintree on 09/24/2013

What a lovely page and I love your name !

terrilorah on 03/11/2012

What a wonderful introduction! Nice meeting you and as I just joined here, It is nice to get to know someone who is on here.

katiem2 on 02/21/2012

My youngest daughter wants to be a nurse. Great to meet you and looking forward to reading your work.

barbarab on 08/23/2011

yes but the older I get the more I wonder if I could do something besides be a nurse...I mean I write but I have always done that...and with the stress it puts on nurses just makes me look at the kids at wmart and go "HMMMM" :) you know? but hubby just laughs

mulberry on 08/23/2011

I have plenty of experience with nurses...and I must say they are a special breed! It makes sense to me that your husband was an officier and a nurse. Both relate to helping people, and yet know how to lay down the law when it matters ;)

barbarab on 08/11/2011

good to meet another nurse! and you can have the nightshift otherwise I would have to do Your work :)

Michey on 08/01/2011

Great info and I feel I know you better now. Thanks for an inspirational post.

MaxReily on 07/14/2011

Hi, Susan! Nice getting to know you again with this page. I retired from nursing a few years earlier than I planned--I was hoping to hold out to 65--but it didn't work out that way. Love it, though and you will too!

Jewelsofawe on 07/14/2011

Good to see you here!

howcurecancer on 07/03/2011

I like your babies photos.

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