Container Gardening For Vegetables

by nightbear

Container Gardening for Vegetables is the way to go if you are getting older, or you have to compete with the critters for any produce. Here are some pictures and a how to.

I love gardening and Container Gardening for Vegetables is quickly becoming my favorite

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at it too!

I have been gardening for decades. And when I was young, my mom allowed me to help her in the garden as well. Which is where I learned a lot of what I know.

It is so fun to work in the soil and to feel accomplished by standing back and looking at your accomplishment. And I like getting dirty.

But I am older now, I have pretty bad arthritis and 40 years of nursing has really hurt my back, so getting down into the garden to work the soil and lift and weed, just isn't possible anymore. But hey, I'm a nurse, what do we do better than problem solve. I knew there had to be a solution, other than torturing my poor husband and making him do everything.

Welcome to my Container Garden For Vegetables

Feeling Welcome is always good
Feeling Welcome is always good
Susan Kaul

A Side View of My Container Garden

Cherry tomatoes, Grape tomatoes, Bush Cucumbers, Sugar Snap Peas, Red and Yellow Peppers
A bountiful Garden
A bountiful Garden
Susan Kaul

A variety of vegetables in containers

Many types of regular garden plants have a bush variety, meant for container gardening

So I tried to grow a tomato plant  in a pot. Just to test it out. It was fantastic. I have been growing cherry tomatoes in pots for several years now. But I was still able to garden so everything else was out in the ground. But this year, I decided to try other vegetables. I did the usual research and decided this was really going to be great. Boy was I right!

I have cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes, Bush tomatoes and regular too. I have bush cucumbers and bell peppers, and sugar snap peas. I tried the sugar snap peas on a trelis in a pot because the animals will not allow me to successfully grow them down in the yard.

Which is another reason why container gardening is working so well for me. I have a ton of wild animals in the back yard, opposums, raccoons, groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels, and deer. And the more and more building that happens in our area, the more their natural habbitats are destroyed and they are hungry! so they eat.

Well now they can have what is in the garden if there is anything they miss it is gravy for me, but I am not doing without, I planted it all on the deck!

Do You Think Container Gardening Would Work for You?

A Front View Of this Vegetable Garden in Pots

A better view of the cucumbers in the front
Short on Space, No Excuse!
Short on Space, No Excuse!
Susan Kaul

See the Progress, These were planted only two weeks ago as starters

They all started out so small, I just wasn't sure
We'll have tomatoes to pick in a few more weeks!!
We'll have tomatoes to pick in a few ...
Susan Kaul

What Progress! This tomato was planted 3 weeks ago!

It is one of those new tomatoes guaranteed to have pickable tomatoes by July 4th

I hate waiting for the produce to be ready. When I saw this great idea I grabbed it. I bought two plants that were guaranteed to have pickable, eatable and declicious full size tomatoes by July 4th. Seriously! Really?

Well by the looks of it, It was the truth. And these are regular tomato plants, not the ones designed for container gardening. I think I believe them now!

Some Equipment for your Container Gardening Needs

Fiskars Kangaroo Collapsible Container Gardening Bag, 30 Gallon, Green (394050-1004)

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iPower 15-Gallon 5-Pack Grow Bags Fabric Aeration Pots Container with Strap Handles for Nursery G...

You can grow without a space requirement. You can protect your plant by simply using iPower planting grow pots. Keep plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Keeps roots fo...

Fox Farm
Only $21.99
Classic Home and Garden S1027D-265R Whiskey Barrel, 20.5", Distressed Oak

The classic whiskey barrel planter in a Distressed Oak finish with antique pewter colored bands. Lightweight & durable high density resin construction. Uv protected to prevent c...

$23.99  $16.46
Yaheetech Wooden Raised/Elevated Garden Bed Planter Box Kit for Vegetable/Flower/Herb Outdoor Gar...

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Raised Garden Bed for Vegetables Elevated Planter Box with Legs Outdoor Patio Flower Herb Contain...

FOYUEE metal elevated raised garden bed made of galvanized steel with anti-rusty coating, with drainage hole and line in the bottom to prevent waterlogging, ergonomic height to ...

$69.99  $59.82
Greenes Fence Best Value Cedar Raised Garden Bed Planter, 24" W x 96" L x 10.5" H

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Greenes Fence Company
Only $71.99

And Not Just Vegetables, Roses too!

These are hybrid roses created for container growing and disease resistant
Rose Container Gardening
Rose Container Gardening
Susan Kaul

Why Roses in Containers? Anyone Can Grow Roses

I Can't...

Well I should say I couldn't, but now I can. Oh yes sir, I can!

I have tried to grow roses in different parts of my yard for over twenty years. My mother was a master rose woman. She had the most gorgeous rose beds in her yard, the envy of the neighborhood.

So why did I have so much trouble?

I don't know, I really tried everything. But here is the break down,

  • Not enough sun
  • Too much rain
  • Not enough fertilizer
  • Diseases
  • Bugs

All the things that can wipe out a rose garden. I would move the garden to a new spot and try again, over and over again. I would have a limited amount of success but never for long. So I quit trying...until now.

These Roses are disease resistant and in full sun on my deck and bread for container gardening. Wow! What a concept! ...Success.

An Example of Gorgeous Roses


I'm really on a roll now...Hydrangeas!!

Why Not?!

Remember I told you they are now developing many kinds of plants, vegetables and flowers that are for container gardening. There are lots of them. These hydrangeas are just another wonderful choice for the home container gardener.

And Some Hydrangeas too!

These were so tiny when they started but again created for container gardening
Hydrangeas in pots, Wow!
Hydrangeas in pots, Wow!
Susan Kaul

The Beauty of Hydrangea

Hydrangea Portrait

Some True Gardening Essentials

Style, Eating your bounty and taking a break, what more do you need?

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Updated: 03/15/2012, nightbear
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Telesto on 11/26/2014

Thanks Frank, that's an excellent idea! I'll give that a try.

frankbeswick on 11/26/2014

Telesto, if the pot has holes in the bottom for drainage, stick canes through the holes into the ground. I have used this technique with pots, and it makes them very hard to knock over. Alternatively, stick the pots down with cement.

Raintree, clay, is not the best soil for herbs, so not growing in a clay soil is better for your crops. But if your clay soil is too heavy, get someone to rotavate it. Then mix in sand and humus. You will get a much lighter soil. However, if your back is bad, I would hire in someone to do the job,as it is quite heavy work. Do not use a rotavator without experience, as it is heavy and can run out of control.

Telesto on 11/26/2014

I tried growing veg in pots a couple of years ago but the foxes (or something) knocked them all over. I shall try again now.

Raintree on 09/24/2013

We have such heavy clay soil that growing many veggies/herbs in containers is better. Plus its easier on my back. Your container veggie garden sounds wonderful :)

jptanabe on 06/30/2013

I also have so many critters competing for my veggies I started growing tomatoes in containers You've inspired me to add many new things!

tribute_to_erasmus on 04/22/2012

I live in the city and have limited room for growing my vegetables -- container gardening seems like an ideal, compact solution!

dustytoes on 02/15/2012

A lack of sun in my yard may make container gardening something I will need to do. If the pots are on wheels, I can move them around to keep them in the sun.

teddletonmr on 12/18/2011

Nice article, I enjoy vegetable gardening in my backyard. Your helpful pics of your container garden makes me want to give it a try on our deck.
Thanks for the ideas, happy gardening. teddletonmr

Jimmie on 10/07/2011

My mom does container gardening, and this year I have enjoyed a small two-pot herb garden. Delightful!

Holistic_Health on 07/07/2011

I just have a patio so this is right up my alley.

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