What Is Kindle?

by nightbear

What is Kindle? Kindle is only the best e-reader going. Many benefits to be had by anyone that can read,excellently priced and now in color!

A Girl's Best Friend - Amazon Kindle

What is Kindle? Kindle is Joy, Fun, Organization, Ease and Creativity

I have been asked by several of my friends and family about my newest craze. What is Kindle! Are you kidding me, are you living under a rock? Okay I wasn't that mean to them. Some of them would never ever even think of going online or getting involved with technology, but that's okay, because even they could find enjoyment with a Kindle. 

This Page is not really meant to be a review of the Kindle technically. It is meant to be a love story, between me and my Kindle. 

Kindle WiFi 6 inch E Ink Display

The best e-reader
Only $4.99

Reasons to love the Kindle E-reader

There is a ton of them

I love the eReader. I love to read. And there are tons of occassions to be able to read but I don't have a book with me. Doctor's office waiting room, waiting at the secretary of state, killing time before the movie starts. So many times. 

When I found the Kindle eReader, a wonderful solution was found and a love affair began. I can carry the Kindle right in my purse. And keep many books right on it, Including magazines. I love to knit and I usually have my knitting stashed somewhere that I can get to it. And my Kindle will allow me to have my knitting magazines and patterns right there with me. It is so convenient. 

The reading page on the Kindle is amazing. It is just like a book. the E-ink makes it seem like a real book, and it reads very intuitively. Easy to turn pages and very natural. It is perfect. 

Kindle eReader Accessories

It all just makes it more fun
Kindle US Power Adapter (Not included with Kindle or Kindle Touch)

Only $14.99
Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light (Kindle Version) White

FranklinCovey The Xtraflex2 Ereader Led Light Features Two Leds, Providing A Bright Yet Comfortable Reading Light On The End Of A Flexible Gooseneck. You Can Also Change The ...

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Marware Atlas Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover, Black

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Belkin Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle (White)

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Amazon's New Kindle eReader Review

New and Improved

Do you like an eReader?

Especially the Kindle?
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No thanks, give me my hardback any day of the week. I don't mind carrying the weight
Bhavesh on 01/01/2012

I have had a Kindle but could never get into it. Despite being a (recovering) techie, I like to feel the touch of the paper and flipping them, I like to let the book drop to the floor as I dose off while reading and write on it with a pen. To me, reading is an immersive experience and an e-reader just gets in the way. BUT, seeing your love for it is making me want to give it another chance.

Yes! It is the easiest and most convenient way to always have something to read. I love it!
RebeccaE on 01/09/2013

I enjoy the Kindle or any other e-reader since it allows me to find more smaller authors that I wouldn't be able to otherwise.

samsons1 on 12/22/2011

Yes I like the Kindle, or the Kindle app on my iPhone. It is truly convenient to have a source for reading at those inopportune times, like you mentioned...

Jimmie on 12/20/2011

I do like my Kindle especially for travel.

Some Kindle eReader Books

I really love reading on my Kindles
The Women: A Novel
Only $14.99
The Lost Bookshop: The most charming ...
Only $2.99
First Lie Wins: Reese's Book Club Pic...
Only $14.99
Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage...
Only $13.99
A Calamity of Souls
Only $14.99
Hang the Moon: A Novel
Only $1.99

Why the Kindle Fire is My New Favorite Entertainment

Video, Books, Television, Books, Magazines, Apps, Music and Everything in Color!

I absolutely love my new Amazon Kindle Fire. Seriously! I can not ask for more. I love reading a book in color, The e-ink of the Kindle is fantastic, and I still love it. But I don't have any problem at all reading on my Kindle Fire. It feels and looks natural. 

But I also love so much more about the Kindle Fire. I love color. Kindle Fire is all Color. And with Amazon you get the beautiful streaming of movies and TV shows. 

My favorite old TV show is Star Trek and Voyager an Next Generation are my favorite in that order...maybe...it depends on the day I guess. Anyway, Prime with Amazon on the Kindle Fire has every episode...for FREE! yes there is a low yearly fee for Prime, $79, but it is so worth it. Thousands and thousands of movies and television shows, including current shows, like Glee. Gazillions of books and magazines. And with Prime you get two day upgrade for shipping for anything you purchase at Amazon for free. 

And lets not forget about the Apps, before Kindle Fire I knew very little about Apps. A few games on my phone, that was it. Well I'll tell you about games, tons!! But a lot more than just games. I get my weather forecast whenever I want it. I check CNN a few times a day. I have my dictionary. My twitter app. you name it, they have it. Basically many of the Android apps work for the Kindle Fire and many have been designed just for the Kindle Fire. It's amazing. 

The Kindle Fire is handsome, lightweight and easy to use one handed if you were planning to do some serious reading. It has great sound for your listening pleasure, I didn't even mention the music you can download and play. Wow! it just goes on and on. 

Amazon Kindle Fire

You just can't go wrong with this one!
Kindle Fire (1st Generation)
Only $199.00

Kindle with Color = Kindle Fire

My New Love, eReader and So Much More

Kindle Fire is Also Great for Music-The Genre I Use the Least

I am writing this module in honor of my music loving husband.

My husband is really crazy for music. Me not so much. I like it, But he has it on all the time, when he studies, when he reads, when he drives, when he washes the dishes. Yes, my husband, washes the dishes. 

Well the sound on the Kindle Fire is so wonderful, clear, and sharp that it is very pleasing to listen to. So because he loves it so much I had to find something that I would love too. 

Well I did it. I downloaded the soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera. It was thrilling. What a gorgeous soundtrack and what a great purchase. And you know you can play music in the background while you do other things on your Kindle Fire...like play games, or read. 

It is just so much fun. 

Some Kindle Fire Apps

Just a tiny few of the hundreds available
Kindle Fire Survival Guide: Step-by-s...
Only $2.99
Reader's Digest
Only $0.00
Only $0.99
A - Z OF 12,000+ FILMS Watch 100% Fre...
Only $2.99
Only $0.99

A Word About the Storage Space on Kindle Fire

Some are very disappointed it has so little...not me!!

If you are going to hear any completes about the Kindle Fire it is going to be about the 8 GB of internal space that the Kindle Fire has. No you can not store 100 movies, 10,000 photos, every song ever recorded and millions of books on the hard drive of your device. 


I just don't get the complaint. With the Amazon Kindle Fire you have access to "the cloud", which is Amazon's answer to unlimited storage space. They know we are going to keep wanting and we are going to keep buying and we are going to have to keep putting stuff somewhere. So we never run out of space, we have unlimited space. I don't understand how that is possible. I certainly am not very techy. 

But here is how I figure it. I have 5 movies on my Kindle Fire device, I have several episodes of Star Trek Voyager, I have some Photos and about five books. A ton of Apps, and enough games that I may die before I ever play them all. My point?  I still have tons of space on the device itself. So I am not feeling deprived. 

The fact that those things are on my device only means one thing. I can look at them without WiFi. So here is how I see it. My husband and I went on a road trip. We were not connected to WiFi, but we had movies, music, games and books that kept us entertained for hours. When we arrived at the McDonald's in one of the Cities we passed through we hooked up to their WiFi and put the movies we had watched back up into the cloud and downloaded a few more and off we went. Happy as we could be. It is just too easy and way too fun. In fact we bought a second one so my husband can have his own joy. 

Oh and that is another bonus for the Kindle Fire. I have two Kindle Fires for my Amazon Account and I pay only one Prime yearly fee. We buy the movie only once, the book only once, the music only once, the app only once. Anything in the cloud is available for both devices. All my husband has to do is download whatever he wants onto his device. It is just too cool. 

So do I care or feel deprived that the Kindle Fire only has 8 GB of total hard drive? Nope!

Some Kindle Fire Games

I like playing the card games. But Monopoly is a favorite. Very smooth
399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenge...
Only $11.99
Simple Word Find - Sports Edition (fo...
Only $0.99
100 Puzzle Quizzes (Interactive Puzzl...
Only $0.99
Tic Tac Toe Games | 1 and 2 Player In...
Only $2.99
Free Games for the Kindle Fire (Free ...
Only $3.99
The Secret
Only $19.97

So are you Convinced? Do you think the Kindle Fire may be Worth A Look

Do you think you might give it a try?
  Display results
I have not regretted my choice of Kindle Fire for even one moment. But the most important decision is whether you feel you will have fun and be entertained. Don't think about anything but what you really want. What works for me, may not cut it for you.

Well, that's it. Why I love the Kindle

I think it might be a new passion of mine for sure.

Well whether you are convinced or not. Your choices and decisions have to please you, not me. but I wanted to share my enthusiasm and new found love of this little handful of joy. And after reading this article, you have to admit the question, What is Kindle? has been answered. 

My Nezie What is Kindle Store

Soon to expand

What is Kindle
My Nezie e-commerce store - What is Kindle?

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Duel1st on 03/25/2012

Very good device. It is comfortable to read books using Kindle and other e-readers. I have such device and I recomend it to all my friends.

Bhavesh on 01/01/2012

I am inspired by your love story! You have convinced me to take a second look at Kindle. May be I will try Kindle Fire.

nightbear on 12/22/2011

Thanks Sam... hmmmm, maybe I should talk to Amazon. lol

samsons1 on 12/22/2011

Very good read nightbear, you've got me convinced. I think you so go 'public' and Amazon should pay you a commission on the sales you generate from this article.

Merry Christmas to you and yours...

nightbear on 12/22/2011

It is exciting. Your mom is going to love her Kindle. I am glad you enjoyed the What is Kindle? Page.

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