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social network or a place to promote our work?

dregs of midnight snack

My on-line conversation gave me a craving for a healthy tasty treat
dregs of midnight snack
dregs of midnight snack
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I like special interest groups

even if they take some understanding and time to get going

I do like Facebook's special interest groups that individuals set up. They can take some time to get going, and I see some of my favorite members across a spectrum of groups. Anything you publish within a group is shared with the entire group but comments within closed groups are not seen by non-members.  It is a way to find people who share a very specific interest, where "friending" isn't necessary but may eventually make sense.

In the past, hot debate wasn't tolerated by Facebook and groups were cancelled without notice. Healthy groups need room for disagreement, but everybody doesn't want to hear it all.  I LIKE that Facebook has grown up in this regard, and group members can block rather than argue.  I LIKE this because it says we are still living in a healthy free society, and  I'm glad to see so many people cherishing  our ability to talk about things.

Do you use Groups?

I like to compartmentalize

a place for everything and everything in its place

 I just opened up Google+ and I'm looking to see what it can do for me. Will Google+ help me market my goods. Can my potential customers find me here?  Will Google+  be as good a tool for promoting cottage industry as Twitter?

I have my doubts about putting all my "stuff" in one place. Call me old-fashioned if you want, but I LIKE keeping social, marketing, and special interest / research groups separate.  To me, putting everything in one place is like setting up a business and doing anything that comes along.

They'd love to ...

They say they want to do everything for us, YET, they'd have us stay up late sorting out everybody we know, and categorizing our posts, our business, our career, and our ties to culture and society.  Why do on-line companies want to make us work so hard?  Any site we use is trying to optimize their market share. One of the tools they use is mining our information. I, for one, turned off that option on day one of the first network I used.  And I don't miss the games or prizes at all.

I just want to be your everything

too many eggs in one basket?

full basket
full basket

Sometimes it just plain doesn't make sense to have everything in one place. You break eggs. Businesses are always dealing with this problem. To be productive you have to limit what you do in each unit of your business. I'm not obsessive enough to want to sort out the details of my life for an internet company. It does seem a little odd for a business to have a complete file on anybody's contacts. For Heaven's sake, this isn't the CIA, and it makes me think about privacy issues and the stories that the current-events headlines have been full of.


Organizing our communicating

It's only natural to want to keep things organized,  I see people doing this every day, using a few categories, organizing by function.

1) Selling place: a Zazzle, eBay, Amazon, or a private dedicated site.

2) Web site: someplace to present your product, your social concerns or your special interests in some detail.

3) Marketing: a way to reach out to the public, like Twitter

4) Blog: where you do sequential, regular or not-so-regular, presentations. Call them chapters, episodes or posts.

5) Social Network: just chat, post photos, youtubes and what you like without specific agenda.

6) Social Network with an agenda, business or otherwise


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