Gifts for Reiki Practitioners

by NanLT

A selection of Reiki inspired items which would make an ideal gift. Jewellery, cards, and more.

Items of Power and Beauty

Pendants and Amulets Can Be Charged with Healing Energy

Reiki Needs No Special Equipment

Reiki is a form of energy healing that needs no props, no special equipment, no specific religious or spiritual beliefs. All you need is to have received the attunements, and the intent of sending Reiki to another. While it is a form of hands-on energy healing, experience has taught me that even hands are not needed really to send Reiki to another.


Reiki Jewellery

Some Reiki Energy workers do find however that they want to wear an item of jewellery with one of the Reiki Symbols on it. These symbols can be empowered to release healing energy over a period of time, continually emitting healing to the wearer.

This could be as simple as a Cho Ku Rei pendant or elaborate as the Reiki kanji.Reiki kanji

If you are looking for a piece of Reiki inspired jewellery for yourself or as a gift for another then you may like one of the pieces I have found and displayed for you here.

These can be worn for their simple elegance and beauty or can be empowered to slowly release Reiki to the wearer over time. Either way, this will be a gift that is treasured for all time.

Cho Ku Rei Doorway

Cho Ku Rei Doorway
Cho Ku Rei Doorway
Design by NanLT

Reiki Cards for Any Occasions

Healing HandsThese cards are ideal for letting people know you are thinking of them. Congratulate them on receiving their Reiki attunements with a Reiki Principles Card.

Send a Cho Ku Rei get well card to someone who is ill, empowering it with Reiki energy.

If a loved one is going through a difficult time, send a Sei He Kei card to bring emotional balance.

A Reiki inspired card shows that you care.

Reiki Cards for Any Occasion

Ideal for sending get well wishes or for congratulating a new Reiki practitioner

Kolnza Reiki Healing

Reiki kanji and healing hand
Kolnza Reiki Healing Logo
Kolnza Reiki Healing Logo
Image by NanLT

What is Kolnza Reiki Healing?

Kolnza Mobile Reiki

Cho Ku Rei WindowKolnza Mobile Reiki is run by NanLT, a Reiki Master-Teacher who practices Intuitive Reiki in SE London / NW Kent, United Kingdom.

Reiki is offered through the work place and in the comfort of your own home.

NanLT trained as a nurse and graduated from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing back in 1989. She worked 10 years in the critical care setting.

In 1993 she was trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and in 1998 she was attuned at the Master Level. Since that time she has continued her training in Reiki and now practises what she considers to be a more holistic intuitive style of Reiki based upon her personal experiences and the earlier writings of Sensei Mikao Usui.

In 1998 NanLT emigrated to the United Kingdom where she continued her studies into Energy Healing techniques.

She is currently undergoing training as a Shamanic Healer.

Kolnza Reiki Healing combines Reiki with Shamanic practises on an intuitive level. Symbols are taught as icons providing a shortcut link to the powers ascribed to each symbol. NanLT has experience teaching Reiki to the Master level to those unable to learn the symbols due to dyslexia and other learning disorders.


Kolnza Reiki Healing Blog

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Healing Hand

Available At Zazzle from Kolnza Healing Zazzle Shop
Healing Hands
Healing Hands

Reiki Artwork

These pieces from AllPosters and Zazzle show traditional and non-traditional Reiki symbols used by Reiki practitioners around the world.

Reiki posters would make a great gift for an Energy Worker just starting up a new business. These would be ideal on a practice-room wall.

Place them up in your home to bring peace and calm. Or at the bedside in hospital to bring healing.

Reiki Principles

for Healthy Living
Reiki Principles in Original Japanese
Reiki Principles in Original Japanese

Empower Your Gift with Reiki Healing Energy

Meditations to infuse a card, picture, or pendant with the healing power of Reiki

Whatever you are buying, for yourself or for another, you can eaaily fill it with Reiki to be released over time. All it takes is an intReiki Symbolsention.

If you have been attuned to Reiki Level 2 or higher you can hold the item in your hand and mentally place the Reiki Symbols into the item. Place it with the intention that the item will be filled with the healing power of Reiki and that it will be released slowly, for the recipient's highest good, over a length of time.

If you have been attuned to Reiki Level 1 or even if you have not been attuned to Reiki at all, you can still empower the item with healing energies. Again, it just needs the intention in your mind and our heart.

Hold the item in your hand, feel healing energy moving into your body from the air around you. Channel that energy through your body , into your hands, and from there into the item. State out loud or within your heart that you are filling it with healing energy for the recipient's highest good.

Posters and artwork placed on therapy room doors can equally be filled with healing energy, with the intention that it be released over time into the room.

Try placing a poster of the Reiki Principles on your wall for daily meditation. It will serve as a very prominent reminder if you are striving to live by the principles in your daily life.


The Reiki Principles

Reiki Principles To follow the Reiki Principles, Mikao Usui recommended repeating them out loud and letting them resound in your heart every morning and every night, sitting (on the floor or on a chair) and relaxed, keeping the legs straight or in the lotus position, with the hands crossed over the heart (balance) or joined in the position called Gassho, palms together with fingers pointing upwards in front of the heart.


The secret method of inviting good fortune.
The marvellous medicine for all sickness.

Just for today -
  Do not be irate
  Do not be worried
  Be grateful
  Work hard
  Be kind to others.

Every morning and every night, sit in the Gassho position and speak these words out loud in your heart.
For the evolution of body and soul, Usui Reiki Ryoho - Mikao Usui, the founder.

Updated: 06/06/2011, NanLT
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Thank you for your very useful list of gift suggestions. This article has helped in making 'what to get for ...' decisions so much easier. :)

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