God's Got This (A Poem)

by StevenHelmer

A poem about putting your faith in God when everything seems bleak.

I, like most people, have a lot of stress in my life. I have bills to pay, a family to keep fed and a lot of things that could prevent both of those from happening. And, when you add in the threat of world destruction from wars and pollution and the tension that is building following the presidential election earlier this month, there are plenty of reasons why I shouldn't be sleeping at night.
This poem is meant for those who are in the same boat as me as a reminder we aren't doing this alone.

My Poem

Each and every night I crawl into my bed

Feeling as though the weight of the world pushing down on my shoulders

I worry about work. I worry about life. I worry about my family.

I even worry, just a little bit, about the weather getting colder.

I know I should have trouble sleeping.

My fears and stress should keep me restless

But, still I manage to find a way to sleep soundly through the night.

Despite all the things that, throughout the day, are causing me distress.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

My country is in turmoil and is mostly divided

With two sides that are constantly finding ways to continue fighting.

And, since I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck,

I know it just takes one bad break and the food will disappear while the lights will no longer be lighting.

In fact, when I realize our constant wars and global warming

Have our planet’s long-term outlook looking pretty darn hopeless and bleak

I don’t think there is anyone out there who would blame me or shame me if

I spent my nights crying instead of sleeping because everything in the world was making me feel helpless and weak.

Instead, I choose to go to bed each night

Close my eyes, clear my mind and dream.

And, I do this without feeling any guilt.

Because I know, deep down, things just aren’t as bad as they may seem.

Sure, there are plenty of bad things going on in this world

And plenty more, in my own life, that are amiss.

But, when I go to bed each night, I close my eyes peacefully and let my faith take over the driver’s seat

Because I know, no matter how rough life gets, God's got this. 

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Updated: 11/21/2016, StevenHelmer
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DerdriuMarriner on 01/07/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for your poem.
In particular, I'm intrigued by your reference to crying oneself to sleep. One person in the Bible knew the solution to his problem in the morning after crying himself to sleep.

Would the reference to the weather getting colder be recognition of the natural progression from warmer weather into wintry coldness or would it be to some areas getting colder despite global warming?

dustytoes on 11/22/2016

Yup, no point in worrying.

judy on 11/21/2016

Thanks so much for this poem, I love it & it's so true! God Bless you & your family!

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