Goji Berry

by ghostwriter

Cutting the marketing hype and looking at the genuine healing powers of the Goji Berry.

Goji Berrys - without the myths, just honest facts

I am probably among many, jaded by marketing claims for products with miracle healing powers.

Let's take a look at Tibetan Goji Berries, are we to believe that the Tibetan strain are more expensive than other Goji berries because that possess unique magical properties exclusive to Tibet?

It could be that the super healing qualities are enhanced by the sheer altitude where the mountain tops are often draped by the clouds, and Tibetan monks say thanks to their god for blessing them with this unique type of Goji.

I'd like to focus on the genuine health benefits of the Goji Berry, strip off the marketing hype and present to you my findings in plain English without a sales pitch.

Goji Berrys - the truth and honest facts
Goji Berrys - the truth and honest facts

Are Tibetan Goji Berries Better Than Others?

Tibetan goji berries might be far better because the high altitude air is clean and pure. Let's remain sceptical about them being nourished by the ancient and blessed mineral waters that have trickled down from the ice capped mountain tops. Let's also dismiss any claims about ritual chanting by Tibetan monks.

The truth is, Gogi Berries are fantastic, they are extremely good for us, they are a genuine superfruit.

As to the question of which is best; Tibetan or other Goji berries. It could be that 'Tibeten' Goji Berries are more expensive because only a fraction of Goji Berries are grown in Tibet, the terrain is extremely inhospitable and very few crops survive in snow and ice covered mountain peaks.

Also the pure logistics of travelling there, harvesting and shipping would render them far more expensive than Goji berries grown in less hostile territories.

Tibetan goji berries
Tibetan goji berries

Are Goji berries grown in the wild ?

Goji berries can grow anywhere under the right conditions, including the often cold and wet British Isles.

In order for them to grow in abundance the soil and climate has to be suitable, like all types of vegetation, if it doesn't gain nourishment during growth it will have little or no nutrition.

If farmers feed it with artificial growth stimulants or use GM methods then they cannot be 'organic' yet could still be 'wild' if they are still growing in their natural environment. If however a farmer yielded his Goji crops from a man-made plantation, they cannot be wild.

Where Do Goji Berries Mainly Grow?

We've touched upon 'Tibetan' Gogi berries (as they are sometimes called) and will not linger on them further.

There are two major provinces in north-western China where the best quality Goji berries are grown; Ningxia and Xinjiang.

The term "wild crafted" Goji berries is used in marketing literature and there is a very creatively crafted story that tells the consumer of 'wild crafted' Goji Berry lovingly tendered by barefoot peasants who carefully hand pick each and every berry.

It is relatively true, Goji berries are naturally fragile and fresh berries cannot tolerate the moisture and acids in the human hands, the Goji berries turn from bright red to very unsightly black and tarnished, so Goji berry pickers cannot touch the crops with with bare hands and gloves are not practical.

By placing an apron or catching containers underneath the plant and with a very gentle shake just the ripe Goji berries fall.

I might be over critical in that the term 'wild crafted' could be an absolute translation of 'organic'. These things happen and one word translated in a foreign language and then translated again to another could easily be change in structure.

Are Sun Dried Goji Berries Better?

A peasant farmer with large crops of Goji berries will not have modern climate controlled drying facilities and rely on the bare necessities of nature to dry their harvest.

So many products on our shelves today are dried using various heat and light technology, some would argue that it is far more hygienic to dry produce in a clean controlled environment so there are pros and cons in both sun dried and otherwise.

How Can Goji Berries be Classed as a Superfood?

The word 'Superfood' is a modern term, sometimes it means it has only a tiny amount of calories yet high in nutrition. When such foods have been used for a couple of thousand years as a medicine with very effective healing qualities, then it is a superfood.

What do Goji berries taste like?

Most people detect a 'nutty' taste with a pleasant tangy sensation but not better or sour. When asked to describe or compare the flavour, cranberry with cherry seems to be the common combination.

Marketing Hype Vs Plain English.

Can Goji Berries make you look and feel younger?

Goji Berries do have certain anti-ageing properties, the berry has antioxidant properties and these do slow down the ageing process.

Are Goji Berries a cure for colds and flu?

The Goji Berry has natural properties that help fortify the immune system and will help prevent common bugs but at present there is no cure whatsoever for the common cold.

Are Goji Berries a cure for anaemia?

The Goji Berry has properties that nourish blood and enhance the production of white blood cellls. Whilst it possibly helps to stop anaemia it certainly helps fight the related infections.

Can Goji Berries help with painful joints?

The Goji berry has properties to help reduce inflammation this action helps to reduce pain.

Updated: 06/08/2011, ghostwriter
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